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The 2019 Hot List Issue

In this issue, we scoured through the whole island of Bali and beyond to find the 'IT' list destinations in 2019 for you to enjoy and explore. We are also taking you on a colorful journey of magnificent Chiang Mai in Thailand using the words and experiences of avid traveler Stefanie Wich-Herrlein (@smile4travel). Last but not least, immerse yourself on the majestic beauty of Four Seasons Sayan through the lens of lifestyle photographer, Michelle Chu (@michutravel). Enjoy!

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Rather than rehashing the print edition online, our web strategy is to provide an in-depth complement to our activities on the page.
We drive traffic with daily comment via reviews, feature, news buzz and editor’s picks tabs. The website’s dynamic display enables us to combine the long-form articles and the shorter ones, a-la-minute updates with beautiful images, illustrations and also videos.
Everything that you need to further enjoying Bali is presented on the website in a practi- cal way, meaning we’ve designed an informative, illustrative and eye-catchy website to attract potential readers and house loyal readers, hand-in-hand.
Looking for the latest gourmet- food restaurants in Bali? Searching a yoga spot in the midst of jungle? From north to south, east to west, our editorial team has scoured the whole island to find its best gems to present to you. Intelligent content and programme-sponsorship opportunities ensure a premium and high –value environment to communi- cate with loyal global, influential and affluent audiences.

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