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Zoom Backgrounds that Make it Look Like You Are Working From Amazing Places

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Speaking of those millions of people, Zoom has held up remarkably well considering the surge in usage over the past few weeks. Zoom is actually pretty fun. For example, instead of hosting a meeting where everyone has to stare at you in your kitchen, you can add your own background so that it looks like you’re on the beach or in outer space. You might think those types of features are totally unnecessary, and you’d be right. They aren’t. That’s why they’re fun. And, to be honest, right now, everyone can use a little fun.

Now, let’s check out a few worthy Zoom background for you to download and make it look like you are working from amazing places in the world.

Pragser Wildsee, Italy – Background

Lago di Braies, also referred to as “Pragser Wildsee” and “Lake Braies“, is an awe-inspiring mystical lake located in the Dolomites of South Tyrol, Italy.  Also known as the most beautiful lake in Italy. We can definitely use this background and manage to travel without moving.

Kauai Island, Hawaii – Background

Kauai has more beaches than any other island because it is the oldest. Kayak up a few rivers – the only Hawaiian island that can offer you that. Visit the Waimea canyon – known as the Grand canyon of the Pacific. You don’t need to be a surfer to enjoy Hawaii’s waters. At Ka Lea O Kaiwa beach, you might see some heart-stopping boogie boarders. Could it be, this is your next destination once the borders are open?

Altmunster, Austria – Background

Altmünster, also known as Altmünster am Traunsee, is a market town located about 3 kilometres south of Gmunden in the Austrian state of Upper Austria, on the west shore of the Traunsee. Its economic base consists primarily of tourism, light industry, and as a bedroom community (commuter town) for people working in larger communities such as Gmunden and Vöcklabruck. What a beauty!

Cappadocia, Turkey

One of world’s most favorite destination. Lying in south central Turkey, the moonscaped region of Cappadocia, southeast of Ankara, is most famous for unique geological features called fairy chimneys. The large, cone-like formations were created over time by erosion of the relatively soft volcanic ash around them. Past cultures have dug into them to create dwellings, castles (like Uchisar) and even entire underground cities like Kaymakli and Derinkuyu, used as hiding places by early Christians.

Landscape Arboretum, Minnesota – Background

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum welcomes, informs and inspires all through outstanding plant displays, protected natural areas, horticultural research and innovative education. We strive to create a welcoming space to learn from and connect with nature.  In 2019, USA Today readers named the Arboretum the best botanical garden in North America.  This could be the background when you are calling your family, it looks calming and giving out the relaxing vibe.

So where can we find these backgrounds you said? Check this link out and download what you love! Happy Zooming!


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