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Yuki: When Modern Japanese Izakaya Meets The Local

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Craving for some Japanese dishes while having some downtime on the Island? Here is your best go-to place: modern Japanese izakaya YUKI.

Yuki is Canggu’s brand new modern Japanese izakaya, with some of Bali’s largest hospitality brands behind it. It serves tuna truffle sushi, nori ahi tacos, and even vegan yakitori. And it’s obvious. Yuki’s boundary-pushing cuisine is a combination of quality ingredients and contemporary touches finished off with an impeccable beverages list and a slick fit-out. Follow the lovely Canggu crowds to the Batu Bolong coastline to find this breezy beachside establishment, where traditional drinks, refreshing beers, and hot sake are offered with Japanese aesthetics and some of the greatest Japanese dishes this island has ever seen.

The inspiration for Yuki is Modern Japanese Izakaya. the Japanese word izakaya (居酒屋) is made up of three kanji with the meaning, “stay-drink-place”. The vibe is a traditional Indonesian alang-alang (cogongrass) building with sleek Japanese interiors making it one of the most charming restaurants in Canggu with a spectacular location. Their interiors were designed by We Are Kosame, reflecting a simple and elegant Japanese design.

Aside from their amazing interior, Yuki got an incredible food menu with a range of meat, fish and vegan options to suit everyone’s preferences. The drinks menu boasts some spectacular house cocktails, as well as the classic, plus traditional Japanese sake. And this is what you need to keep in mind: every Wednesday, Yuki has Wine Down Wednesdays offering 2-4-1 cocktails and wine from 5-7 PM, with more special items on the menu to launch soon!

Get your favourite dishes, snacks, and drinks, settle in, and get comfortable at Yuki. Trust us: once you come, you’ll definitely crave to be back soon!

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