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Your Private Haven Awaits

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It is now time for Indonesia’s rising star island by the name of Sumba to be known more than it already is today. Its beautiful nature, to its perfect blue sky above the golden savannah, lay there for the world to see. And in this area, you can have your luxury needs serve on the hand of Lelewatu Resort Sumba.

As Indonesian whose proud of our land, beautifully spread across the equator, we have so many hidden gems to explore. One of the gems that we are proud of is the land of Sumba. Sumba is an island in eastern Indonesia. It is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands and is in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Sumba has an area of 4,270.1 square miles – it is about 14 times bigger than Singapore. With a pretty raw and beautiful nature, barely touched by modernisation, there is however a great Resort Villa called Lelewatu Resort Sumba.

In harmony with its magnificent clifftop setting, surrounding lush rainforests, private lagoon and breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean, Lelewatu Resort Sumba is rising above this alluring horizon with perfect poise. Designed to capture and curate the essence of Sumba, the luxurious Lelewatu Resort is a serene sanctuary on the west of Sumba, an hour’s flight east of Bali. Celebrate your personal indulgences and romance with our blend of unspoilt nature, gracious service and bespoke island life. Dream bigger. With Lelewatu Resort Sumba. Conceptualised by successful Sumbanese businesswoman, Jenny Tan, the creation of Lelewatu Resort was designed to preserve the Sumbanese heritage and share it with the guests.

Sumbanesse StyleVillas designed by renowned architect and interior designer, Popo and Melati Danes of Indonesia, Lelewatu Resort Sumba is the incarnation of traditional Sumbanese Architecture in luxurious style and comfort. With an exquisite touch of handcrafted finishing and exotic ambience, each villa reflectstheSumbanese culture and tradition. Lelewatu Resort Sumba is built on a secluded, elevated cliff with magical views of the Indian Ocean and access to a private lagoon. With 27 sophisticated Sumbanese style villas ranging from 130sqm to 650 sqm, spread over 10 hectares of unspoilt, beautiful landscape, Lelewatu Resort Sumba provides the perfect balance of quiet tranquillity and serene harmony, a rare taste of paradise. 

While you are enjoying the paradise-like property, you can also explore what Sumba Island has on its sleeve. From the amazingly magical Tanggedu Waterfall, 26 kilometres from the East Sumba Regency’s capital city of Waingapu. A virgin beach called Puru Kambera Beach, 26 kilometres from Waingapu, about a one-hour drive from the city. Moreover, if you would love a little bit of an adventure, you may want to visit Watu Mandorak Cove, a white sandy beach with cliffs, a two-hour drive, and 42 kilometres from Tambolaka in the dry season. It is not recommended to go during the rainy season as the road would be more challenging and may not be safe. But whether or not the weather is friendly, there will be nothing to lose if you choose to stay at Lelewatu Resort Sumba all the while you are visiting the hidden gem. 

Lelewatu Sumba
Address: Jl. Lelewatu No.168, Hoba Wawi, Wanokaka, Sumba, Nusa Tenggara Tim. 87272
Phone: +62811 3960 6060


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