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Yonder The Tropical Comfort

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What starts as a personal journey turns into a lucrative hospitality project of Fay and Felipe. After landed in Bali several years ago and gets enchanted by the vibrant glow of Seminyak, the adventurous couple decided to build a ‘holiday house’ on the tranquil side of one of the island’s most renowned destination, and then the story of ‘Beyond’ properties unfold. Hellobali managed to chat with one of the dynamic duo, Fay and dig deeper into the brand; which has since spanned into three (soon to be four!) fine properties.

A lot of times, big life-changing stuff started with just a small, personal cause, and that’s what actually happened to Fay and Felipe. “Our story starts with our very first project in Seminyak called Suites Infinity & Beyond, which was meant as our own holiday house” Fay explained. “At first the name Infinity & Beyond was a reference to a famous animation movie, the concept of ‘going beyond what you can imagine’ is the core of anything we do” After staying for a while in Seminyak, Fay and her partner, Felipe, fell in love with the tropical ambience of Canggu area and decided to establish a top-class getaway for travelers to stay in-between their holiday; and thus the Beyond Bungalows was born. “I was already surfing a lot in Canggu and my partner is deeply in the custom motorbikes culture. Here we embrace the laidback surf mindset and chill take on healthy lifestyle, and turned out not surprisingly, we were very inspired to set foot in Canggu too” She said. “And it was only natural to build something cozy that’s close to our heart and personality”.

When it came to selecting location, Batu Bolong is apparently too busy for the couple’s taste, so they choose the serenity of Padang Linjong – the little Ubud of Canggu to establish the Beyond Bungalows. Designed by the renowned Biombo Architects team, Beyond Bungalows is a very interior driven property; truly bohemian but with finest personalized touch for guest to stay and retreat in absolute peacefulness. Housed a total of 7 bungalows with 1 bedroom, each of Beyond Bungalows units is equipped with a private and stylish outdoor shower area and unique layout. There are two bungalows with an exotic bathtub, two king bungalows with their lavish outdoor shower that provide really cool vibes, and two twin bungalows which are perfectly suited for friends to share and offer a lovely pool view. The crème de la crème of this property is the luxury superior bungalow with stylish living lounge and private kitchen.

Fay and Felipe effort to provide travelers and tourist with the best staying experience during their Bali vacation truly goes beyond their gorgeous bungalows. After two years of successfully running the first property, the couple expanded their influence to Petitenget by establishing Beyond Bespoke Villas. Designed as a cross between boutique hotel and private villa, Beyond Bespoke brings the best of both worlds into a sophisticated getaway. “After 2 years of operation, we understand the needs and wishes of our guests and really wanted to build something that can elevate their experience to the next level. Beyond Bespoke was created based on the vision of a perfect home for a family who would like to experience contemporary luxury for shorter or
longer period and have all they need” Said Fay.

There are different sizes of room at Beyond Bespoke Villas, which guest can choose depending on how many people are staying. There are 1, 2- and 3-bedroom options available; namely 1 Bedroom Love Nest, 1 Bedroom Loft Suite, 2 Bedroom Beyond Bespoke and 2+1 Room Beyond Bespoke. “Our most popular Loft Suite has a big private pool with open pool bar, an epic spacious living room surrounded by a lush garden, a dreamy outdoor bathtub and lavish bedroom in the loft” explains Fay about one of the Villa’s most sought-out unit. “All the decorations are handpicked as are the indoor materials. Just like any other interior designer who has been collecting cool features, we were very happy that we managed to curate them and bring them all together into these private villas”. The name ‘Bespoke’ itself is chosen for a very specific reason, not only was every part of each villa custom made but they also want their guests to experience a stay that is tailored to their needs.

Apparently there is still another exciting ‘Beyond’ project going on in the near future, and Fay is more than happy to share the current details. “We are actually currently developing a project that takes our luxury bungalow concept to the next level! Beyond Bayou is inspired by our Maldives travels in a very Balinese way – Bungalows with a private pool and crazy elevated timber roofs around a central oasis in the heart of Seminyak” said Fay. “It will even incorporate our first experimental restaurant concept, which will serve simple but special dishes that we’ve enjoyed around the world”.

Two very well-established properties, one exciting up-and-coming project, what next? It turns out that Fay and Felipe would prefer to do things slowly and didn’t hesitate to take a brief rest. After completing Beyond Bayou in June 2021, the couple have planned a half year off to travel and soak up new inspiration. “For us it’s all about quality instead of quantity. We’re also looking into other creative businesses” Fay explains.

Built with great passion and taste, Beyond properties will definitely fulfill every travelers need for a good time rest and get soaked in Bali’s wonderful vibe without any exception or hassle. “Even though the ingredients always change, our philosophy always stays the same: create a cozy and contemporary haven that’s close to our hearts to share our best experiences from all over the globe” Fay said. “It doesn’t matter if our guests live like a surfer, foodie, yogi, hipster, cafe racer, silence retreater or rock star: at our places we all connect. All we ask from them is to open their hearts to their fellow travelers and the amazing Balinese people to experience what we envision by traveling Beyond” she concluded.


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