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Wine, Dine, and Smoke like a King: Kingsway Opens Its Doors

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Powering through a challenging pandemic, Kingsway is ready to rule the island with top-notch entertainment.

Opened in early October last year, Kingsway took probably one of the most strategic pieces of real estate in Seminyak: right at the Legian and Camplung Tanduk (Dhyanapura) intersection. One thing to describe the new establishment is it’s a one-stop high-end nightlife epicenter. Or in short, as they would like to call themselves, an adult playground.

Catering every group, from partygoers, cigar lovers, culinary enthusiasts and cocktail hunters, where everyone can be king. With attention to detail, impeccable execution and premium service, Kingsway will provide the best experience in all aspects. For that multiple but collective purpose, the building is divided into 5 themed areas, they are the live entertainment area, main bar, fine garden dining, urban rooftop bar, and premium cigar lounge which is also equipped with a bar and karaoke facilities.

When entering Kingsway, visitors will step into the Game Room which has an amazing arrangement of rooms. In this zone, they presents a slick mix of upper side and classic buildings. Visitors will find a choice of interesting entertainment games, such as billiards and darts. Then stepping into the main bar area, visitors will meet the master mixologist and bar team who will be ready to present unique Kingsway-style cocktails with the best and premium ingredients, as well as a selection of wines and champagnes. If visitors want to enjoy fine dining, they can choose the garden area. Not to be missed if visitors want to spend the night under the sky, then they can choose an elegant urban rooftop area.

Carrying the philosophy of “everyone is king”, of course, Kingsway provides a wine and cocktail menu that is suitable to be enjoyed casually at the bar or in the lounge like a king. The place has a story for every cocktail it prepares. Diners can leave their worries behind and relax at the bar while enjoying a cocktail. Meanwhile, the wines offered are very diverse, both from regional origin to the choice of flavors.

The kitchen is no less important element in their operations. In particular, the dining culinary presents a menu with a classic, traditional, memorable concept and a new experience for anyone who tastes it. As for cigar lovers, Kingsway also presents a cigar lounge that is equipped with antiques and velvet. Guests can enjoy the best atmosphere to enjoy a stogie while also spending time while karaoke. This lounge can also be reserved for private use. Meanwhile, if you want to spend the night under the sky, visitors can go up to the rooftop area.

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