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What Happens with Hotels when Tourists Returns – Part 2

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ust like the great news of Bali finally reopening, not everything about the new normal should be viewed as a burden.

After our last discussion about what kind of changes that hotels will apply after Bali opens its borders, it’s just fair that we talk about the better sides of the new normal.

1.) Lesser crowd – Okay, not trying to start the list with a sad statistic. But think about it, despite may be hard on the initial income, a smaller number of guests will make resorts more controllable. Especially when most of the hotels will not be strengthened by their full team at the beginning.

2.) Better service – That point brings us to this second one: a smaller crowd means the hotel can provide better services all around as well. In a sense, the staff will have fewer problems to deal with, and in return gives the best service. Along the way, with more guests coming in, more income to the resort, more staff can be added.

3.) Utilizing facilities – If you think most resorts just shut themselves down during the pandemic, then you don’t know the resiliency of the hospitality industry. Resorts and what’s left of their hard-working team members keep the hotel running, including the facilities. This means with guests returning, the facilities are once again ready to use.

4.) Guests are coming – Bottom line, this is the one thing that we all are excited about – especially for our friends in the industry. Yep, guests are coming. That means everything else is ready to reopen, people are back to work, the tourism is back running again.


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