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Wellness Industry Forecast in the New Normal

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There’s certainly nothing wrong with a fly and flop wellness vacation, retreats, spa, and who can argue with an afternoon massage and maybe cocktails at sundown? But those are the scenes that happened before the pandemic hit the fan, and now we are left wondering and restructuring the wellness industry. 

While spas across the world and Bali are stringently following the various governments’ hygiene guidelines and reassuring guests with elaborate displays of cleanliness, from the look of it, they’re also getting inventive.


Spa retreats will follow national advice, and some countries are expected to demand a recent Covid-19 test certificate as a condition of entry, so check and call the venues before you go. Globally, beyond legal requirements, most spas are conducting regular staff testing for coronavirus and asking guests to undergo a pinprick blood test at check-in. Examples would be the spa at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, and Italy’s famous detox centre Palace Merano have the advantage of on-site labs, allowing them to turn around results in under an hour. 


Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the number one thing we’ve heard from industry leaders is that in order to maintain their business, communication is key. Whether it’s through email, online bookings, newsletters, or daily social media posts, we – as members – are more likely to stay loyal if we are well-informed. Technology can keep the club’s community alive during the pandemic and stronger after the pandemic.


Like the rest of the world will be asked to observe the two-metre rule in public areas, this is clearly impractical for private consultations and treatments during which staff will wear face masks and, in some circumstances, gloves or stay behind screens. There is a possibility that you find yourself being offered optional protective clothing, too. Wellness inhouse Restaurants will be spaced appropriately, with allocated times and tables (usually with a maximum of 2 – 4 diners), and meals may be served under a cloche by waiters wearing PPE.


Spas have been quick to launch immune-supporting programmes and wellbeing services to help protect against the virus. One of them, for example, is Solace Float. Solace Float’s Co-Founder Aaron Turner told us, during this time, they are taking further precautions to disinfect frequently used areas and surfaces.

Their floating tanks & rooms are all cleaned thoroughly between clients. The water in our float tanks is filtered four times between sessions with a state of the art filtration system which has UV sterilization and industrial-strength dual pumps through a 1-micron filter ensuring that no pathogens can pass through.

What makes it better is that the salt and magnesium in the tanks are also effective in killing 99.9% of bacteria of concern to humans. And CDC has stated that float tanks are safe from COVID-19 infection. And we, can all float and relax, with a mind worry of nothing, you can be sure your immune system is at its peak to protect you.


According to IHRSA, Operators should ensure chlorine levels in pools and spas are kept between 1-3mg/l with the pH between 6.8-7.4. Spa pools that use bromine need to maintain their water at 4-6mg/l bromine or 3-5mg/l chlorine. Routine tests for microbiological quality should also be undertaken in line with national guidelines. Given that the virus is a new one, experts cannot say with absolute certainty that it will be safe. However, most authorities believe that pool and spa waters that are adequately disinfected should not spread the disease. A bigger risk will be the face-to-face interaction between individual users of the pools and spas.

With all being said, we think that the world, or Bali in this matter, can’t hardly wait for our favourite wellness centres to reopen in the new normal.


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