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Wanna Train – New Fitness App in Town

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Bali is not just known for its tourism, but also a start-up hub nowadays. One of the newest happens to be a new app for the wellness community. It is called: WannaTrain. Anyone can meet up simply by sending a “Wanna Train” invitation. Specifically designed to help you find like-minded workout partners, trainers, gyms and wellness activities to get in your best state of mind or shape, Wanna Train is the only social platform for making healthy connections.

How does it work? You simply download and sign up, create your profile, so the community knows a bit about you. Next, you can select as many sports and wellness activities you’re interested in from surfing, yoga, boxing, weight training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, running, etc. List your interest, fitness goals and wellness journey on your profile to find similar users and share them. You can post photos and journey of your workouts and goals.

The best part of it all, since it is based in Bali, you can start using it now and get discounts from wellness classes all around Bali. If you are a trainer, this app can boost your business, and there’s a reminder if you are going to have your session with a client so you won’t miss a session. You can invite your friends to join the Wanna Train App and meet up with like-minded wellness enthusiasts. Best way to connect with new people who like to sweat!


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