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UNI Restaurant Introduces The Enticing UNO Dining Programme

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Embracing their culinary creativity, UNI Restaurant Bali kicks their new monthly event, UNO; highlighting food and drink menus made from one ingredient in multiple ways.

On the first week’s Wednesday of each month, UNI Bali menus will be curated around one ingredient, creatively woven to varying degrees through each dish. Some course will feature the ingredient as the ‘star of the show’, while other times play a supporting role.

“We want to create a new kind of evening that engages locals, expats, chefs and winemakers, and becomes a discussion point” explains executive chef / co-owner of UNI Bali, Steven Skelly. “By focusing on just one hero ingredient at UNO we get to challenge the kitchen and spark new conversations with our guests.”

For the month of March, ‘sake’ will occupy the center stage of UNO program. Traditionally revered as an offering to the gods, sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. As much as sake is a delight to drink, it is even more perfect as an ingredient in cooking. During this interactive dining experience chef Steven Skelly will illustrate sake’s versatility and deliciousness in cooking, highlighting which kinds of sake to use, and the brewers and regions in Japan that are producing some of the most interesting styles of sake for cooking. Guest will enjoy Steamed clams with sake and spring onion, and sweet treats such as Sake baba with whipped cream and lychee. Sommelier Nicolas Lento will be pairing each dish to a new tipple with wine, sake cocktails and beer on offer.

Born from the grand collaboration of inventive chef Steven Skelly and cocktail guru Nicolas Lento, UNI brings the new level of casual fine diner to all food enthusiast seeking for new, refreshing dining destination in the area of Berawa, Canggu. Locally sourced seafood and vegetables are served with Japanese and French influences in a modern style. No messing around with elaborate plating or crazy combinations. UNI BALI is the place you can eat at multiple times a week, not just special occasions.

So, could Wednesday be the new Friday? You’ll be the judge! Book your seat right away and experience the very first edition of UNI’s UNO program. Send your inquiry to [email protected] or visit their website for more info.


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