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Top 4 Batik Classes in Bali

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The art of batik is most highly developed in the island of Java in Indonesia. In Java, all the materials for the process are readily available – cotton and beeswax and plants from which different vegetable dyes are made, according to the Wiki. 

Batik making in the island of Bali is relatively new, but fast-growing industry. Many patterns are inspired by local designs, which are favoured by the local Balinese and domestic tourists. Objects from nature such as frangipani and hibiscus flowers, birds or fishes, and daily activities such as Balinese dancer and ngaben processions or religious and mythological creatures such as barongkala and winged lion are common. Modern batik artists express themselves freely in a wide range of subjects.

Contemporary batik is not limited to traditional or ritual wearing in Bali. Some designers promote batik Bali as an elegant fabric that can be used to make casual or formal cloth. Using high-class batik, like hand made batik tulis, can show social status. But now, you can learn how to make your own batik. These are our top 3 Batik Making Classes in Bali that you can try.

Nyoman Warta Batik Class

Nyoman is a leading batik artist based in Padang Tegal Kaja in Ubud, Bali. Batik classes are available for groups and individuals. Make a simple batik (3 colours), Learn all basic techniques, Become confident about them, and Explore Tradisional styles!

WS Art Studio

This is a fascinating introduction to Balinese Batik techniques, tools and dyes. A fun-filled, creative workshop to produce an original design, or to try to master the detail of a traditional one. Working in vibrant colours with a skilled teacher, this class is guaranteed to be one of your most unforgettable memories of Bali.


Pak Nyoman, endeavours to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm to students attending the batik courses at his studio. The courses may vary from one to five days duration, enabling students to experience the art of batik from a very basic level to a more advanced stage as desired! 

Widya Batik Class

Born in the south of Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia, Widya Harsana realized his passion for art at an early age and learned batik in a Javanese factory when he was a teenager. Widya moved to Bali in 1987 and took a job in a batik factory outside of Ubud. During that time, he held batik workshops for locals and tourists, just off Monkey Forest Road and was a batik instructor at Bali International School in Sanur, near Kuta. 


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