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Therapists’ 4 Tips to Break Bad Habits

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Now that 2020 is officially here, you’re probably thinking about your intentions for the new year. Don’t let the year rolls on and you never starts doing what you intent of doing, whether it’s to reach your goals or to break the old bad habits that don’t serve you anymore.

Maybe it is the chronic lateness you’ve always wanted to get rid of your habits, or nail bitings, to working way too late with stress, or something more harmful to your well-being.

We did some research and compiled four of the best ways – according to therapists – to break your bad habits. Are you ready? Let’s jump to number one.

Identify the bad habit and admit that it is an issue in your life.
Admitting that you have an issue is the first step for healing or breaking the old habit. You can start with writing down a list of habits that you want to tackle, but the key is, you need to be honest with yourself. Identify what those are. And have the intention that you are going to break them.

Determine what’s driving the bad habit and be constantly aware of replacing it with a new habit.
Whether it’s not making your bed, being late to meetings, or wanting to quit smoking, we need to ask ourselves:
‘Why do we do this?’
‘How do we feel after we do this?’
‘How has it impacted their life and loved ones?’
By understanding your motivation better, you can take back control and not be ruled by your bad habits. For example, when your motivation to bite your nails is because you are nervous, be aware, the next time you are nervous, replace nail-biting with taking long breaths.

Reward yourself.
Reward yourself for meeting your goals by taking a break for a fun activity. Associate success with positive feelings and experiences, not with disappointment that you didn’t get your fix.

Start now.
Yes, you know the steps now, but planning on changing things without action won’t get you anywhere. So even if you have to start with the smallest and easiest thing right now, it is OK, as long as you take action. Don’t let these plans became another new year resolutions for next year.


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