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The Surreal World of Fajar Domingo

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Without any psychotropic substances consumed, nor any hard-trance music banging, we were taken into another world. A world that shows the beautiful qualities of life, where Fajar Domingo is the Creator – and we’re just part of his colourful canvas

Stepping into Woobar during the latest installment of their renown SPF 2017 last month, we stumbled upon a few things that are visually interesting. We’ll get to our experience later, because the focus of this piece is the person responsible on enticing our visual reception that night: Fajar Domingo. A Jakartan based collagist and digital artist. Who is he anyway? But most importantly, how did he made us so hooked up?


Like most visual artists in the digital world, Fajar garnered his reputation through Instagram first. A few thousand followers later, he became a cult phenomenon among Indonesia’s digital art aficionados for his unique blend of blending retro images with a magnificent landscape backdrop and splashes of the prettiest elements of the universe. You can find a mountain in the back, a picture of a girl maybe taken from a pulp magazine in the 1920s and an abundance of colourful roses spurting around her – all in one image. Fun, experimental, surreal, haunting, you name it. But it was interesting nonetheless, and touched the hearts of many that would become his loyal followers.

Fajar’s talent for collaging found its way to the attention of many curators and fellow artists as well. His most proud accolade could be taking part in Gucci’s “#guccigram Tian” campaign, where he was commissioned to do an art applying the brand’s signature blooms and caleido patterns. Fajar also collaborate with Charles & Keith for a similar campaign, as well as becoming a freelance illustrator for La Stampa daily newspaper of Turin, Italy. His most recent work is illustrating the album cover for NY based indie band, NGHBRS, while also working on one of their personnel’s solo project EP.



Fajar remembered that he always loved to draw and colour from he was very young, but then the hobby escalated and completed with another new set of skills: cutting and sticking multiple images together. He appreciates, embraces and celbrates life, be it the muddy or the flowery side, and that has always been his source of inspiration. He interprets life’s weird but beloved antics through the colour palettes or the many pictures of dandelion petals – or as usual, all together.


And now, we’ve come to this conclusion – the reasons why Fajar’s work was so beautifully charming. The theme of this year’s SPF is “Fever Dream”, and we couldn’t get that interpretation as bold but as obvious as how Fajar drew them. It wasn’t literally “a dream about a fever’ or “a fever that caused a dream” per se. It’s open to multiple interpretations, but your mind just agreed with the illustrations almost immediately. First of all, the usual W hotel brand logo that has become the beach club’s signature spot has a different tone – if not significantly different. It’s now completely dark blue or purple, with alluring strings of dissolving colours – like what you would see when you dip a used paintbrush into water. On the “W” letter were also a couple of colour scheme sphere, a design repetition also applied on the stage décor as well as on a backdrop we found later at Woosky.

It’s almost like a whole universe framed into that one (box of) the W emblem. Fajar’s universe at least, and the way he let us take a peek, as well as representing the event’s theme, is why this guy is good.

Check out Fajar’s full portfolio on his social media pages, as well as how to purchase them on his Society6 page – all bears the handle @ohfajar.


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