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The Slow Kitchen & Bar Revamped Their Prominent Cocktail List

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Cocktail-lovers! Quench your thirst with the new arrival of refurbished cocktail menus at The Slow Kitchen & Nar; carefully crafted by esteemed international mixologist, Antonello Arzedi.

In an effort to not get too comfortable, The Slow kitchen & bar decided to renovate its drinks menu, in collaboration with Antonello Arzedi of Scout London Sydney and Icebergs Dining Room and Bar fame. Passionate about experimentation, the Sardinian has brought his interest to exploring native ingredients to our Bali abode, where the traditional mingles with the tropical.

“The new drink list takes inspiration from the beautiful colours and natural landscape of Indonesia” Antonello gleefully explains. “We also designed some of the drinks around the memories a tourist might have about Bali” he added.

Antonello also stated that most ingredients used in his extensive cocktail creation are fresh and locally sourced, especially the fruits; which consists tropical delights from mango, soursop, to coconut milk. To showcase his creativity, Antonello also use ingredients such as Sichuan pepper, which are not coming from Indonesia, but is a definite part of Asian cuisine. “The flavours are now super fresh, thet taste even more like a summer holiday” he said.

To accommodate this exciting new lists, The Slow kitchen & bar whittled down their cocktail collections to only eight key drinks. The new one will only consist nine tipple choice, with only the ever-popular Batur Negroni remains from their previous list. Joining the famed Batur Negroni is lighter, tropical take the Mangga Negroni, where mango vermouth marries tangerine Gin and Campari. For those feeling a little indulgent, there stands The Tourist Breakfast; mingling Bourbon with banana bread, and yoghurt syrup. There’s also the Majorie King, where Margaritas finds an Asian twist in the mix of Tequila, lime, watermelon skin, and a sprinkle of Sichuan pepper for a definite spicy hint.

These new arrays of cocktail creations are available now at The Slow Kitchen & Bar. Try them for yourself right away, and have a delightful tropical blast during your vibrant Bali holiday! For more info, visit their website at


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