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The Pinnacle of Passion: Interview With Bobby Ida

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There’s an old saying that stated that ‘your body is a temple’, and Bobby Ida understand it very well. With utmost zeal and effort, he decided to stop listening what others told him to do and off to pursue a fleeting career as professional bodybuilder and gym trainer. Now, as one of Indonesia’s most decorated competitive bodybuilding athletes he still continues to do the thing he loved and inspiring others to achieve their own dreams. Hellobali get the chance to extract some thoughtful insights from the charming (muscle)man himself; from workout routine, practical tips, to one thing about himself that most people don’t know about. Read our exclusive interview below! 

1.Hi Bobby, you are one of the most sought out male bodybuilders in Indonesia. What got you started in this industry?

 It was pure passion got me started in this industry. Back in 2014, I choose to not continue my bachelor degree in economics but I started to work fulltime in three different gyms as personal trainer & class trainer; I followed my passion and not doing what everybody else told me to do. This was back in Germany; around the same time I started my YouTube channel ‘2ninefit’ Indonesia 

 2. How does a regular day in your life look like in general? What motivates you to maintain your body shape daily?

A regular day for me, usually started by waking up around 7-8 in the morning.  Before I do anything, I have to eat my breakfast first. The menu stays the same everyday:  5 eggs and 150 grams of oatmeal, nutrition is key as a bodybuilder so I have to stay on track with my meals. From that moment on I eat every 2-3 hours so I eat around 5-6 times a day to give my body all the nutrition it needs to perform at the highest level so cooking and eating my food takes a lot of time. 

 I train around 6-7 in the evening most of the time. I prefer to train in the evening because it’s not so hot at night and I can finish everything else, but this is just me. Another regular thing that I do each day is to create new content or ideas for my social media. I do it all by myself; from writing a script. editing or planning an idea. I’m doing this now for around 8 years so for me it’s not about motivation anymore It already became a part of my lifestyle so when I’m not doing workout, I feel that something is missing. Same with the nutrition part; my body and taste bud are already used to eating healthy. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat unhealthy / guilty pleasure meals at all. It’s just means I’m so used to all the healthy foods that I prefer to eat them on daily basis. 

3. Is there any type of supplements that you would recommend to a beginner? Name three with each reasons why! 

I would recommend these three basic supplements: 

– Whey Protein 

I think almost every person tried protein shake once in their life. It’s not a magic drink that will give you a body like Dwayne ‘The Rock ‘Johnson just by drinking it, but in our society today people are struggling to eat enough protein and protein is the building block for our muscles, so not enough protein; no gains. That’s why I would recommend a good whey protein to curb up the protein intake and for a lot of people it can be an easy meal while working or at school or even before bed so you don’t feel hungry but gave your body something good 

– Creatine  

A lot of people get confused when I talk about creatine. Some think it’s a medicine even some people think it’s steroid, but that is all not true! You can find creatine in red meat and salmon. The basic function of creatine is to make you stronger, and the stronger you get, the more muscle you can build. The problem is that it’s hard to get that amount of creatine necessary from real foods; that’s why creatine powder is a huge benefit but the most important fact is that creatine has been tested and proven to be effective by studies and sciences, so it is one of the best and cheapest supplements that you can take.

– Omega 3  

Good fats are so important not only for building muscles but to be healthy in general and to make sure that our body’s run perfect. We don’t enough good fats, that’s why I would recommend to supply with omega 3 each day to boost our health 

4. Did you consider yourself as a ‘hardgainer’ or ‘easygainer’? What’s those terms means for you?

I’m a hardgainer. I need to eat ton of calories too gain weight, so usually I eat around 4000-5000 kcal a day to maintain my weight; which is a huge amount if you try to eat all those calories with healthy foods. A hardgainer is basically someone who has a hard time to gain weight; an easygainer is someone who gains weight fast and easy but has a hard time losing weight. Everyone has different genetic and metabolism, you just have to work with what you got  

5. What do you like to do in your spare time? 

In my spare time I love to read books or listen to audiobook; mostly about self-improvement. I know it sounds boring and nerdy but I really enjoy a good book! Another thing that I loved is music. Currently, I have 4 hip hop songs on my YouTube channel. I enjoyed being creative and create something, and for me, music is the perfect tool for that purpose 

6. What kind of actions do you usually take for recovery? Explain a bit for our reader! 

Number one for me is good rest. Nothing works better than getting a couple of hours of deep quality sleep. Next would be a massage to relax the body and mind because my focus is performance. I normally go for a remedial massage or sport massage it’s not as comfortable like a regular massage but it works really good for me. If you want to save money you also can massage yourself with a black roll or lacrosse ball for like 5-10 minutes; I do this often too. My third point for recovery would be nutrition. You have to give your body good food so it can heal from a hard workout or a stressful week. Ginger and Curcuma are great to boost your body’s natural healing process 

7. Could you tell us what you eat on a daily basis?  What’s your main approach on diet and nutrition?

My approach on diet is very simple. I don’t run away from carbs or fats but everything has to be balance and comes from good sources. I eat around 50% carbohydrates 30% protein and 20% fats. Now people usually ask: why so much carbs? Doesn’t carbs make u fat?  No, it’s just how my body works. I feel best with a lot of carbs and normal amount of fat. As I stated earlier, everybody is different. You have to find what works for you and what can become a long-life lifestyle; not just a crash diet for a month. I think everybody should try different diets and ideas to get to their ideal nutrition plan. 

8. Name us one thing about you that most people don’t know about…

I love video games! I used to have a PlayStation 4 and Xbox at home but nowadays I prefer to play games on my phone. My favorite game now is Mobile Legends; me and my wife play it almost daily. For me, Mobile Legends is a great way to just shut off; I mean turn off my thoughts and just have fun for a moment. I see it as a relaxation tool! 


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