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The Gu’s Calling

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Once a quiet seaside village, Canggu has now become somewhat another sought-out destination for itself, attracting thousands upon thousands of surfer, yogi, Instagram celebrities and hipsters alike. But the meandering area that stretch between Kerobokan to Echo Beach is not just about quaint villas and chilling seaside lounges, it contains lots of melting pots for (hard) music lovers and gig-goers as well. Here we listed some of the Gu’s most significant live-band venues that you should visit to get another perspective on the island’s growing indie scene. Prepare your head! 


Dubbed one of the hottest underground bar on the island, Pretty Poison definitely live up to the compliments. Almost every night, no matter the season or occasion, the bar always swarmed by all kinds of crowd; from skateboarders to club hoppers. What makes Pretty Poison stands out though, is an empty swimming pool on its backyard which actually an intentional skateboard bowl, built from scratch a year ago by its passionate owner, Maree Suteja; Gu’s legendary local ‘bule’ hailing from Aussie’s Bondi beach. 


First known as a prominent custom motorcycle company, Deus has since been expanding their wings (gears and throttles?) to capture broader audience, especially music and art enthusiast. Thus born ‘Temple of Enthusiasm’; a bar/live music venue that carry the brand’s uttermost passion and transform it into an edgy, elegant sanctuary with ample space for high-octane gigs. Some of the most notable past performers including Bali-based garage-psyche rock champ Deep Sea Explorer and Aussie’s international hard rock unit Wolfmother. 


Store, bar, cafe and bowl, Konkrete is a bit of everything for gigs enthusiast and hangout lovers. Situated at Berawa beach, this lofty bar combines the best of food, drinks, clothing store and prominent music venue under one roof. Performers are various as they are open to all kinds of different genre; from diva solo singer to hardcore mosh unit. Definitely a great spot to chill around and make new, fascinating friends in Canggu. 


Dedicated it existence to embrace the young, local, rock’n roll crowd, Gimme Shelter is a great hangout spot in Canggu to get soaked in the island’s lively nightlife music scene. National, international and local names alike has shared the bar’s intimate stage, bringing in plethora of genres from rockabilly, punk, rock n’ roll, to other box-breaking musical crossovers. Mosh pit or crowd-surfing is not a rare sight, and just recently, the venue act as the opening ground for New York monumental HxC/Trash unit Agnostic Front. 


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