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The Fun Never Stops, The Party Never Ends at NEVERLAND

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As one of Bali Southern coast’s most prominent party destination, Canggu provides an idyllic space to establish a one-stop entertainment hub; where one can party, dine and do some wellness activity all in the same spot; and that’s what Neverland is all about.

Established at the secluded Kayu Tulang street, just a few minutes away from vibrant Batu Bolong seaside area, Neverland is a quaint compound consisting of several establishments; from burger joint, underground club, Japanese street food bar to a yoga shala. The property is built from decommissioned ships, resonating that its walls come from the past; their hearts live in the present, and their inspirations come from the future.

As the ‘oldest’ establishment of Neverland Canggu, Burgerland Bali was built to serve high-quality meat-and-buns delight, served in a simple, unpretentious presentation. It is otherwise known as the entrance to Neverland Canggu’s hidden gems, which are located not too far by foot, right behind the burger joint. Then, to complement Canggu’s exuberrant party vibe, HAUS Bali is Neverland answer for all live electronic music lovers. An intimate, casual setting built around a deep love for music in all its forms. HAUS Bali is a warm, unpretentious venue that is the perfect place for some after-dark drinking and comfortable socializing to a cocktail menu and enlightened soundtrack, with state-of-the-art audio sound system.


For a full-blown dining experience, Neverland Canggu’s Harakiri Bali is a perfect to-go venue. Birthed from the idea to provide a contemporary Japanese dining venue, the restaurant serve arrays of Japanese street food dishes; with menus ranging from ramen, yakitori, to finger foods. Harakiri also provides a standalone daily all-you-can-eat buffet from 18:00 – 22:30, with different style of dishes everyday; from Barbecue to Japanese food alike.

To compensate its party and feast ambience, Neverland Canggu also provides ‘Lost In Canggu’, a spacious yoga shala for all guest who wants to restore their inner balance with meditative activity. Located on the second floor with views of lush paddy field, it is a wonderful spot to get soaked in Bali’s tropical atmosphere and gain some vitamin D from the sun. Currently, Lost in Canggu is still in the process of being perfected but foresee to launch for public soon.

From dining to party and space for well-being activity, Neverland Canggu provides all the necessity for your entertaining holiday experience. The fun never stops, the party never ends at NEVERLAND. Stay tune for more info of this stylish hub and follow their main Instagram at @neverlandcanggubali.


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