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Berteman Kertas Art Exhibition

ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali with Npaaw and Monez are collaborated to create an art exhibition with the theme Berteman Kertas. Life is like drawing on a blank white paper, we
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First [Art] Group Painting Exhibition: A Dedication To Support Local Artist Held In Seminyak Village

In collaboration with several prestigious art galleries, Seminyak Village held a wondrous First [Art] Group Painting Exhibition; bringing together 38 aspiring local artists from Bali and beyond to showcase their
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RASA Art Exhibition at Alila Seminyak

RASA means “feeling” in Bahasa Indonesia, it also refers to “tase”, “sense”, “to think” or “to consider”. RASA is also a Sanskrit word that represents the essential element being suggested
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Ngulapin an Art Exhibition

ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali together with Rurung Gallery, a street art movement forum worked together to highlight a theme that is expected to provide a positive impact to all of
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Dance to Art at The COMO Uma Ubud

Something exciting is on the horizon. It is  Lydia Janssen’s book launch/exhibition entitled Spotlight / Dance to Art open to the public March 8th-10th, 2020.  ‘Dance to Art’ is Lydia
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I Made Griyawan Exhibition at John Hardy Boutique & Gallery Seminyak

Continuing the rich Batuan style, Balinese artist I Made Griyawan translates the religious narratives and local fables of his culture into breathtaking paintings that pulsate with life, and further evolving
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