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Suarga Padang Padang

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As Padang Padang Beach’s elevated next-door neighbour, Suarga Padang Padang benefits from the distinctive location and the precious natural surroundings. Surf enthusiasts might rejoice because of the resort’s close proximity to Uluwatu’s best surf beaches, while non-surfers can simply enjoy an evocative escape listening to the sounds of waves trickling through the leaves – and maybe once in a while be amused by the local monkeys.


I stayed at the Ulin Pavilion, one of the four accommodation types at Suarga – each and every one of them is accurately designed to be self-sustained. Every single piece of the wooden pavilion comes from recycled materials – imagine parts of bridges, pontoons, or roads in Kalimantan, making up this comfortable home away from home. Once a supporting foundation of a bridge makes today a magnificent double hand carved bathroom sink, handpicked natural stones from the meadows in Sumba were transported to the village on the back of donkeys and tailored to shape the organic walls of this unique resort. The only air conditioner in the room is built in the cocoon-like bed and a natural airflow is promoted by simply opening the wide shutters. Solar panels power this resort where electricity and water are used in a responsible way.


Other than two swimming pools with the unblemished panorama of the Indian Ocean, Suarga’s best feature is their restaurant, Dugong. I dare to say best, because just like the resort’s whole philosophy, the restaurant
too incorporates sustainable values. It means the kitchen only uses local products and ingredients sourced within 50 kilometres of the resort; fish from Jimbaran, vegetables from Bedugul, as well as pork from Tabanan, poultry from Ungasan, and fruits from Kintamani. The meals tasted splendid, and my dinner felt more intimate because the chef regularly came by our table to explain each dish and make sure everything was to our expectations. Dining under the magnificent roof of Suarga’s inspiring hand-crafted main building – consisting of more than 1,200,000 pieces of bamboo – definitely contributed to this authentic culinary experience

in a nutshell

I really don’t know where to start to describe my impression of Suarga. Architecturally (in terms of both design and concept), this resort breaks every unwritten rule there is on setting up a hospitality complex. No flashy marble, no chunky concrete, no altered terrain – just a sincere intelligent design. Suarga has proved that with meticulous planning and probably a mountain of patience, it is possible to build something that’s completely sustainable and respectful toward nature as well as being gracefully impeccable. It took them nearly six years to build Suarga, and honestly I believe it will be timeless.

Suarga Padang Padang
Jl. Pantai Labuan Sait Br. Dinas Labuan Sait, Pecatu
T: +62 361 472 5088


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