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Stay in Touch with Indonesia’s Rich History

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Travel back through time to the art, soul, and romance of ancient Bali at Hotel Tugu. 

Nestled between the pristine beach of Canggu and Batu Bolong Temple, lies Bali’s most romantic hotel ever created, Hotel Tugu
Bali. In Indonesian language, Tugu means monument. And to understand this hotel, one must know the story behind this property. Hotel Tugu is a small privately owned hotel born out of one man’s love and passion for Indonesia’s romantic history. Tugu Hotel’s founder, Anhar Setjadibrata, is the owner of the biggest collection of fine Indonesian art and cultural antiques in Indonesia. A self-made man that once was a medical student turned lawyer, he designed this beautiful boutique museum hotel to house his antique collection and to share with the world the romantic stories and legends of ancient kingdoms of Indonesia. 

For a first time visitor to this property, the Bale Agung lobby will greet you with a view of the Indian Ocean as the backdrop. This lobby also houses an exclusive collection of historic Balinese artworks and cultural artifacts, among which are the impressive 4.9-meter tall wooden giant Garuda carved from a whole 120-year old tree and Boma heads (mythological giant guardians) on to of soaring columns inspired by an ancient ceremonial house in central Bali. Surrounding the Bale Agung is a world of lush tropical gardens and wild lotus ponds, where each of the resort’s 21 villas and suites hides from one another. 

Speaking about the rooms, each of the room in this resort is inspired by a beautiful story from the Balinese history. As an example, the Puri Le Mayeur Villa that occupies an area of 200 square meters is inspired by a love story between Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprès, a famous Belgian painter who moved to island in 1932, and Ni Polok, a renowned Legong dancer. And such, this room is furnished with beautiful original hand-carved furniture including a bed canopy and veranda carved by a blind carver that used to work for Le Mayeur and Ni Polok before they passed away.  

Another room that is rich in history is the Walter Spies Pavilion. This suite is dedicated to the German poet and artist Walter Spies, who made Java and Bali his home in the 1920s. The Walter Spies incorporates several original Dutch colonial architectural elements, including entrance gate, stained-glass windows, and a most beautiful headboard made of the artist’s original garden, as well as his original memorabilia from his childhood. 

At Hotel Tugu Bali they also take dining experience to another height. You get to choose a dining venue or pick a romantic spot – whether in the garden, private pavilion above the lotus pond, or a cultural dining evening with traditional entertainment such as ancient dances and live gamelan music. There’s also Ji Restaurant that serves contemporary Japanese cuisine and the only restaurant on this island that is housed in a 312-year old Kang XI period temple. 

If you’re looking to feel more relaxed during your stay, head over to the Ni Polok lounge to enjoy Hotel Tugu’s afternoon tea session. The Sunset High Tea at Tugu Bali is set up every afternoon from 4.30 pm until 6 pm. Inspired by traditional markets in Indonesia or “Jajan Pasar”, the concept is to offer a selection of local delicacies from all over Indonesia. Or try their in-house luxury Tugu Spa. The Waroeng Djamoe spa offers a selection of traditional Jamus (Indonesian herbal drinks) in the herbal apothecary that doesn’t exist anymore in modern Indonesia, as well as spiritual treatments such as Mantra therapy and other inner healings. 

Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu
+62 361 473 1701 


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