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Soldiers for better Future

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To take care the environment or above all else, the world, it is personal. No one can be forced to do such thing if no passion inside one’s mind and heart. Presenting to you Sea Soldier, a community that gather local heroes for spreading the “virus” for sustainable living. 

Scouring over the world wide web, Sea Soldier’s mentions are quite a topic for driving green movement. The popularity of this community is argued because of the founder, Nadine Chandrawinata whose name is not something foreign in the archipelago. Besides her profile as a celebrity, today she is known for her action as an environmentalist. The initiation of Sea Soldier itself was started with her hobby: traveling. By traversing across the nation, she found how sad it was to witness how the nature has been tortured by humans so that an idea to create certain commu- nity educating people how to sustain the environment emerges. Joining the venture, Dinni Septianingrum (the co-founder) helms the task for conducting educational campaign as she has a background in education.

When asked about program Sea Soldier has made and is still progressing, Nadine admits that there is no specific program timeline as if a non-profit organisation. “Basically, Sea Soldier is more like media to channeling people in pulling through an environmental action. Everyone can be the soldiers to spread the news about green living and have us supported. It’s not always me or Dinni who shouts a program to pervade”, she explains. Furthermore, every region in the country has different campaign, depending on the issue rising. Sometimes it could be about waste management, another time it could be about mangrove. As long as it contains educational information then they post and put the hashtag #seasoldier on Instagram, Sea Soldier will assist them in soaring the news. 

“Basically, Sea Soldier is more like media to channeling people in pulling through an environmental action. Everyone can be the soldiers to spread the news about green living and have us supported”

To be a member (having serial bracelet of Sea Soldier), people should send an email to them suggesting how commiting they are to the environ- ment. Then Sea Soldier will screen their profile. But newbies of course can join, too. Again, they merely need to upload their action to social media and put #seasoldier on the caption. The bracelet actually plays a role as an alarm. When people wear it, they will be reminded to bring the actions every- where, everyday. “We support in terms of online exposure, aids or human resources. We will really look forward to finding some donations for them if needed. However, we will prioritize the one involving educational programs as it is in line with our mission: to educate people about environment. If they need a pack to generate the actions, we can help them finding volunteers. The most important thing is we want to see behavioural shifts of people towards our environment”, Nadine furthers. 

In the meantime, recent issue Nadine, Dinni and some of the members are educating people about dolphins. Many do not realize how important to save dolphins and lately some par- ties take advantage of these beautiful creatures to be their clowns. This topic acquires Nadine to deliver messages to public about seeing dolphins merely in the sea, not in an entertainment center where dolphins do not belong. For this action, they have liaised with govern- mental organisation and commercial institutions to support them expand- ing information about this issue as well as reaching distinguished markets. Nadine reveals, “We already signed a policy with Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Environment work together, channeling educational materials to public particularly to young genera- tion about preserving dolphins. Peo- ple who often take pleasure watching dolphins in a pool do not understand of how it’s dangerous for the dolphins. The unnatural migration process, flying them from one region to another or by vessels is an ultimate mistake.” 

She also mentions one case in Bali pointing out that few sites remain housing dolphins in pools for entertain- ment. Fact is those dolphins are going to be sick to live outside their habitats and it is proven that their skin colours have changed through time addition- ally to the short-lived ones comparing to those staying in the sea. Dolphins entertainment in Lovina, nonetheless, could be a good instance for dolphins watching. What to concern about is to limit the access because the more boats can float there the more oil will damage the lives of dolphins. 

Generally, in Bali and all parts in the archipelago littering is still the biggest problem to encounter. Bali with its tourists, specifically, the waste management should be the first and foremost concern. Tourists equal to plastic consumption increase. And referring to Sea Soldier’s philosophy believing in everything people do in the land will end in the sea, garbages and waste are definite matters to pon- der on. Nadine personally has attained a perspective of taking her own gar- bage as her responsibility. 

As an environmentalist, moreover, this is her main job. “Since I have traveled so much and I used to merely be a pleasure taker, then I thought I could be more. Be the saviour of the na- ture. I perceive that nature is not just a display. They have soul. And we deter- mine the change of the weather anyway so we really have to be responsible of what we have done in the nature.” 



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