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Slow fashion Trend Mrs.Lovejoy

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What does slow fashion mean?  Quoting Housvoneded, In contrast to fast fashion, slow fashion decelerates the processes in the fashion industry. Fewer collections are produced to ensure that sustainable materials are used in a way that conserves resources while also improving working conditions. In Bali, this trend is growing, and we are excited to be talking about this impactful industry with the owner or Mrs.Lovejoy, Poornima Lovejoy.

We’d love to know what made you start doing slow fashion business?

I pivoted the business in December after attending a Natural Indigo printing course with Kaji Mundo. During the session I learnt that around 20% of the world’s water pollution comes from the fashion industry!  This led me to read deeper into the world of fashion and its impact, which made me want to make a difference. I was hearing all too often that the brand H** was becoming the only option for everyday essentials for people living in Bali- and I thought there has to be a better option out there! Mrs. Lovejoy offers  a slow fashion experience and quality wardrobe essentials which are  tailor made for life in the tropics.

What’s the positive impact in doing slow fashion?

It kind of depends on the scale of your brand, but the potential for positive impact is huge.  We are focused on good quality fabrics, making clothes that fit and last. We’re a small brand, but by taking an approach that’s local and prioritises quality, the top environmental areas we can impact are reduced carbon footprint and less waste. For our clients  we hope that they find pieces that they can wear day in day out, and that our personalised  services help them make informed decisions for their wardrobe in the future. 

What are your unique services?

We operate primarily as made to order so we can limit waste but at the same time accommodate all shapes and sizes to ensure your clothes fit and you love them! We also offer certain customised details e.g. the stitching colour used on cuffs and top button of the shirts. 

How many styles per season (if you do it per season, otherwise how do you do it?)

My aim is to create a classic selection of wardrobe essentials which is constantly evolving to suit the needs of our clients. I would rather focus on everyday items like well cut shirts, shorts trousers and add in a few special pieces along the way. 

Is there anything you want to let the readers know about Mrs.Lovejoy?

We only use natural fibres and have recently introduced certified fabrics where possible to offer a certain transparency to our product. We are also soon to offer natural dyes as an option for clients. We are fortunate enough to be working with one of Bali’s best tailors who became available as his work dropped off when the pandemic hit. He is supporting his village in Karangasem and hand producing all of the clothes using a small team of family. We feel blessed to have him on the team but also motivated to keep the work flowing.Slow fashion is also about a positive experience for our clients, when you book in for a private fitting the drinks are on us!

And we are totally in love with this brand and their mission. Come and check out their collection!

Mrs. Lovejoy
JL. Batu Bolong No.68 Canggu, Bali
Instagram @mrs.lovejoy.bali 


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