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Sleeping with The Twins

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All of Bali’s coasts seem to boast two kinds of tourists: the surfers and the beach loving explorers. It’s what’s in the centre of the island, the higher grounds, that has other particular fans. I visit the twin lakes of Tamblingan and Buyan to check out their camping scene. 

It was a gloomy Saturday in Denpasar, my friend and I decided to take a non- ambitious drive for this trip. We left the city after lunch time, and I would consider the trip was light. Tamblingan and Buyan are not the most challenging destinations in the island – just a short drift outside the main road connecting the South to the North. 

It took about full two hours (with the last 45 minutes going uphill) of our drive before we started to see Buyan’s enormous body of water on our left side. Our path goes higher as it goes, making the lake more picturesque from a bird’s eye view. The said situation was capitalised by many local residents as they built wooden platforms on the inclined edge, setting the view for a most picture perfect backdrop. Once we’ve passed one of Mount Batur’s extending leg that separated the twins, we set our eyes on our destination, the petite little sister Tamblingan. The road descends quite rapidly from here on, and in no time, we’ve reached the gate of the camping site. 

It’s another few hundred metres into the woods before reaching the vast opening in the end, with Tamblingan’s water surface glistened by the afternoon sunray – welcoming us with an astonishing panorama. The tiny lake is surrounded by a wall of green mountain, with Batur standing tall on our South and the other twin behind the barrier on our East. Wooden boats and their paddles scattered (or should I say, parked) on the fringes of the water, for those who wish to have some extra activity. Tamblingan’s own Ulun Danu Temple gracefully posed right there on the lake’s shore, giving the boundless area an even more majestic aura. 

And in the following morning that view was amplified by the morning mist and the sunrise right in front of us. The golden water, the smoky and cold woods, the ancient temple’s silhouette – all forming  a configuration that are too beautiful to describe, especially when one has just woken up from a deep slumber. For true camping aficionados, Tamblingan might never get on the top of their list. Easy access, flat ground, quite thorough infrastructure. It’s not much of a challenge really. But sometimes you want to have the best result out of minimum effort – and camping at Tamblingan answers that exactly. 



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