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Sex: The Post Pandemic

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Yeah, you read that right: it’s another (not so) steamy piece. Just trying to cover (or uncover) many topics, I’d like to talk about what would become of sex in this new world?

Since we’ve covered the general discussion and then a very specific act, now we’ll talk about something specific seen from a certain situational point of view. That POV is actually a simple premise: in a brand new world that we currently live in, how does one maneuver through a (if there’s any to begin with) sexual activity? And by maneuver, I mean to view it through a broader telescope. Let’s try to break it down.

Intro – It’s safe to say that online dating apps will still retain their supremacy here. There’s no safer way for two strangers to meet than through online. Most apps now also have their own screening process, with safer space and communication methods as its features.

Talk – The actual approaching phase. The, “wooing” if you may. In search for things that you have in common, chemistry, before following up with smooth talks and effortless flirts. For many, this could be the do-or-die part. Remember, we’re talking about sex, so what you say to a stranger who have just lived through a 1.5 years of pandemic paranoia can be your do or die moment.

Meet – Physically meeting a new person in a romantic capacity is probably the real challenge. At this point, most of us are probably okay with going out to public spaces for drinks or eating. But not all feel comfortable about meeting strangers, right? What is your measurement for deciding to go? Is it attraction? Chemistry? Desperation?

Goal – Finally, the get down time. The point of “let’s do this”. I’m intrigued about where you will draw the line that will decide the outcome. Between “we know we’re both fully vaccinated and horny” and “you’re so hot but this is not worth visiting the ER”.

How about you? Do you agree with the steps I elaborated here, or you have your own considerations in making your decision to get down?


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