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Seclusive Hideaway: Bali’s Top Hidden Villas, Revealed

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Looking forward to your next Bali holiday? Yes, we can’t hardly wait either! In this article we compiled some of Bali’s best hidden villas that deserve your utmost attention. These secluded gems will surely be a fantastic getaway during your memorable vacation, away from the crowd and getting you closer to the island’s tranquil tropical nature. Have a blissful stay ahead!

  1. Laputa Bali

Famously renowned as ‘Bamboo Castle in the Sky’, Laputa Bali is truly a haven for those seeking for a secluded staycation far from the bustling vibe of city life. Conveniently perched on the side of vantage hill in Sidemen village, expect the immaculate view of Mount Batur surrounded by lush green forest beneath the clear blue sky during your stay. Chill around on its signature ‘Sky-Net’ in the afternoon to get fully immersed with its gorgeous surrounding nature, and enjoy a magnificent ‘sleep-with-a-view’ from its windowless room with uninterrupted scenic mountain vista. Put this one on your bucket list already!

IG: @laputabali

2. Villa Laut

Prefer beach rather than jungle? There’s a destination in Tabanan which will suit you very well. Situated in a quiet village, just a few minutes from the shoreline, Villa Laut is a splendidly secluded lodging that perfectly defines the tropical ambience of the island life. In this two-bedroom villa, you may capture the daily life of local Balinese during your stay; from their activities to performing ceremonies at nearby Pura (Balinese Hindu Temple). Villa Laut will also provide their guests with international-standard amenities and direct Ocean view, as well as a large, stylish swimming pool and a garden facing the sea.

3. Villa Lumbung

Located close to the wondrous Lovina Beach of Singaraja, Villa Lumbung is a charming getaway where Balinese traditional architecture and modern concept pairs up perfectly. The beautiful lodging is designed with Balinese ‘Lumbung’ classic wooden house concept, bringing the island’s traditional atmosphere and comfort right to its doorsteps. Brace yourself for the breathtaking surrounding view during your stay, as well as arrays of fantastic services and facilities to pamper you during your stay; from sunbeds, Bale Bengong lounge, sunny terrace with a pool, spacious living room, to a dining space at the villa’s charming sea view balcony.

4. Villa Massilia

A refined estate in the center part of Seminyak, Villa Massilia is an opulent lodging with international grade facilities and a genuine vibe of Bali. The blissful villas are made from carefully curated materials to perfectly suit the island’s tropical climate. It is truly a private resort that redefines luxury and caters all travelers to have a splendid sojourn between their fascinating holidays.

5. Villa Conti

Sprawled across 35 acres of land in the heart of Pererenan, Villa Conti is an exquisitely designed and decorated home for those who relish luxury and appreciate the little details. The property combines the best of traditional Chinese, Javanese, and Western architecture, giving their guests the sense that they’ve been transported to an ancient palace while maintaining the highest living standards of the modern world. Boasts a total of four guest buildings and five ensuite bedrooms, the estate will leave you awestruck as carefully crafted teak casts its warmth over the power of the iron, marble, Indian natural stone, leather and steel details.

6. Kampung Jimba

Situated in Uluwatu, next to the legendary Padang Padang Beach, Kampung Jimba invites you for a brief, magnificent escape in a lush and private tropical paradise. The close-to-nature sanctuary blends harmonious ambience and modern comfort in an idyllic, secluded location. Celebrating the essence of village living, each of the villa’s joglo room units is designed in traditional Balinese manner, combined with unique artwork that deeply resonates to its surrounding environment. Expect to relax and rejuvenate in the cozy rooms of Kampung Jimba, with a natural vibe overlooking the tranquil and exotic forest amidst Bali’s lively Southern area.

7. Uma Karo

It’s not hard to find a prominent resting space in-between your Bali holiday, but to have the one with intricate attention to detail and highlighted sense of style is another story altogether, and that’s what makes Uma Karo stand out amongst the rest. The owner, Caro Buteneer, deliberately implies that the property has been designed to serve as an inspirational home for travelers who value personality-driven design, and it’s wonderful to see how she actually implemented that thought into her fine establishment.

8. Patal Kikian Villa

Perched in the serene heart of Sidemen, Bali, Patal Kikian is a scenic lodging which offers five-star comforts with timeless natural scenery. The spectacular view of Mount Agung as well as the vista of the entire Sidemen area can be visibly seen from the property’s cozy poolside. Consisting of 3 luxury rooms, the villa offers an excellent range of service and facilities to make their guest feel like home during their Bali holiday; from refreshing infinity pool to convenient spacious rooms, as well as uninterrupted view of one of the island’s most sought-out vantage points.


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