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Scrumptious Island’s Bun-and-Patty: 6 Fantastic Burgers In Bali

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Craving for some scrumptious delight for your next Bali holiday? We got you covered. Here are the list of 6 best bun-and-patty combinations that you can find on the island. So ditch your diet for a day and explore this mouth-watering list away!

1.Strawberry Fields

Always inventive and vibrant, with their signature huge portion, Strawberry Fields tantalizing menus rarely disappoint. Their food has been known as seriously instagrammable and tasty; especially shown in their burgers. Big, beefy and juicy, Strawberry Field’s Le Big Mac is a definite menu item you should taste; the enormous patty piled high with gluttonous toppings like maple aioli, chorizo, bacon and melted cheddar that’s dripping with umami goodness. Come extra hungry as their bun and patty variants will surely knock you off your feet!

Jl Batu Belig No.77, Gg Anisa, Seminyak,

P. +62 859 6900 9245

2. Wacko

As their name implies, one craziness factor of Wacko burgers comes in their gigantic size. Dig in through their classic bacon, gherkins, cheese combination, or try arrays of their wacky-wonderful selections of ‘Next Generation’ burgers, filled with the likes of mac and cheese, fried sausages to crispy noodles. Put your cutlery aside and have a finge lickin’ goodness!


Jl Drupadi 18, Seminyak,

P. +62 821 4401 0888

3. Burger 2080

Specializing in chef-driven gourmet burgers, inspired by genuine flavours and classic recipes, 2080 Burgers is an award-winning eatery offering creative and delectable smoked buns-and-patty creations made of fine ingredients. You can choose between one to three stacks of juicy patty for your precious dining moment, with wide selections of variants to choose from creamy Say-Cheese to the charcoal-induced Black Mamba. The latter introduces you to a delicious, tender brisket, smoked for 18 hours into perfection to caress your palate. They are currently grilling in 4 places, spans in Bali and Jakarta respectively. 

Uluwatu: Jl Raya Uluwatu No. 8B || Canggu: Jl. Raya Babakan,

P. +62 817 0502 080

4. Shmurger

With a name that rhymes with burger, you can expect to find a good bun and patty treat at Shmurger. Putting a fine balance between burger and slider, it serves the best bits of both worlds, with addition of proper freshness and tastiness. Celebrating the true taste of a classic favorite, Shmurger burgers serve tender, juicy beef patties between super soft potato buns; along with high quality complimentary ingredients from melty cheese, crunchy bacon, fresh pickles and many more. Go double and wash it all down with a glass of cold homemade lemonade. Yummy.


Tamora Gallery

Jl Pantai Berawa N.99, Berawa – Canggu,

P. +62 812 3676 3328

5. BO$$MAN

There’s not a lot of things about BO$$MAN that haven’t been said, but yes, they still remain as one of the most sought-out burger joints in Bali island. The close relative to Sisterfields means business when it comes to serious feed.  BO$$ MAN is all about top notch ingredients done right – think 60-day dry-aged chuck steaks shaped in-house daily, and juicy, tender pork cooked low and slow over 18 hours. They just expanded their territory to Denpasar recently and who knows that they might pop-out in your region sometime soon. Get ready to eat like-a-boss!

Jl Kayu Cendana, No 8b

P. +62 812 3916 7070

6. Wahrung

Bringing its big, juicy creation to central Seminyak circa 2008, WahWah was actually the one to kickstart a gourmet burger trend in the island. Their non-MSG world-class bun and patty broke all boundaries with lavish toppings; from foie gras to Australian Wagyu beef, dry-aged in house. You can currently find their creative renditions at Wahrung restaurant of Seminyak Village; which serves a series of Black Burger, their signature dish, which includes the Pulled Pork Burger, Aussie Aged Sirloin Burger, Zero Fat Chicken Burger, Fish Fillet Burger and Veggie Burger. 

Seminyak Village 1st floor

P. +62 361-3705208


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