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Sailing In Style

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Discover the beauty of Bali’s small island aboard Aristocrat, a luxurious catamaran sailing experience.


From afar, the 64 ft. white catamaran is a thing of beauty. Her elegance is magnified when I landed on my two feet on her deck. With two hulls and a spacious wooden deck in between, there is plenty of room for people relaxing in the sun. Its reputation as a smooth and fast mode of transport on water makes it popular in world’s best sailing destinations. The blue sky and strong wind promise a sweet sailing in the next four hours and my heart soars because sea is, as the hipster says it, vitamin for the soul.

The Aristocat Island Discovery Cruise is a relaxing island getaway. Starting off in Mushroom Bay, the catamaran is taking me circumnavigating Bali’s three small islands, Lembongan and Ceningan as well as mooring at Penida for lunch and snorkelling. It is interesting to observe the rugged and rocky island from the boat, crashing waves and all of the latest properties adorning its dramatic dark cliffs. Just half an hour later, we arrive at Crystal Bay.

True to its name, the arcing bay is blessed with water as clear as crystal and rich underwater lives. Despite the onslaught of excited divers and rookie snorkelers, the corals and tropical fishes remains intact. Without further ado, I jump from the boat and let myself lost in the hypnotizing marine life for an hour. A small rubber boat with an informative attendant hovered over us, watching and making sure that we are safe. He tells me to watch for mola-mola or sunfish, often sighted in the water around the calm bay. August and September are the perfect time to find the large truncated, bullet-like fish.

The aristocrat-like experience continues aboard when the chef calls all of the passengers for a gourmet lunch. There are grilled shrimp satay, salads, pasta, and an assortment of open sandwiches with finger licking good toppings. Another staff is taking care of us, providing cold drinks and an even colder beer. With only the few of us on board, conversation flows and laughter often erupts over shared holiday stories while we try our best to even our tans. When it is time to leave, we bid the picturesque bay adieu and sail back to Lembongan in style. I reach the Hai Tide Beach Resort at Mushroom Bay on time to catch the fast boat back to the main island of Bali. Staying overnight is an option that I cannot take this time but it is also good to know that a day is all it takes to stylishly sail around Bali’s enchanting small islands.

“The blue sky and strong wind promise a sweet sailing in the next four hours and my heart soars because sea is, as the hipster says it, vitamin for the soul.”


The Aristocat Island Discovery Cruise day trip departs from Hai Tide Beach Resort at 11.15am and returns at 2.30pm. Pick up time from hotels around Nusa Lembongan is 10am10.30am.

Price for adults (15+) is Rp.590,000 Price for children (8-14) is Rp.431,000

To make reservation please call +62 361 720331 or e-mail [email protected] Learn more about Aristocat Island Discovery Cruise and other fun activities in


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