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Safest Way to Have a House Party (Or Not)

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Some say it’s travelling. Some say it’s going out freely. Many would say it’s the freedom of enjoying your time in a public space.

Nope, that was not me listing random things we miss the most from the pre-pandemic days. But I’m sure that if I ask that question to you, a big percentage of you would answer that the number one thing on top of your list is the ability to hang out with your friends.

And since most public spaces are either closing their establishments, limiting capacity and operational hours, or not available for dine-ins at all, many of us decided that it’s better to organize something on our own. Many who have enough space at home would invite friends for a potluck party. I know some friends who rent pool villas to have their own private get-together. Or even more aligned with the pandemic, a praying gathering – which is maybe what some people feel the need more.

A few of these parties are pretty creative too, like what I witnessed on my social media feeds. I’ve seen a sushi rolling party where the host only provides the rice, nori and the rolling mat. Guests bring whatever ingredient they want for their rolls. Sounds so fun – although maybe deemed a blasphemy for a sushi chef. Another post I saw was a crossdressing party where guests come cosplaying not only as the opposite sex, but as their significant other. Brilliant and hilarious attempts including ladies drawing tattoos and beards, while men trying not to break their ankles on heels.

But I think before you and your friends decide to have one of these fun private events, there should be one important thing: make sure everybody is healthy. Whether have everyone take an Antigen test before entering the premises, or asking that being vaccinated is a requirement. Another precaution is you can hold the party outdoor or at least with your doors wide open for better air circulation. Also, make sure you are not inviting too many people – this also helps for a more warm and intimate event, no?

Remember that even those who have applied strict precautions still got the virus, so there should be safety plans for your event. Even though the number of cases are trending down and vaccines are more mass distributed as well as accessible, there is always the choice of not having any party. It sucks, I know. But sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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