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On Making The Move

Almost the end of the year, have you done at least one of your new year’s resolutions? If getting fit is one of them, then running is definitely the best way to start. It’s basically effortless, like walking but faster. If you think that running is boring, then maybe you should do it beyond the treadmill at the gym. It’s a good thing Bali has so many types of terrains for all kinds of runners. So pick one, set your alarm, get that butt out of the bed, and run!


Let’s start from the easiest. You could do this practically anywhere that has an asphalt road, starting right from the front of your house. Jog to the end of the street, escalate to around your block, then to the main boulevard – slowly increase your distance by covering more streets. If you’re planning to enter a race, notice that those races usually take place on public streets, so this kind of running trains you for that similar situation.
Try: BTDC complex in Nusa Dua
No other neighbourhood is better for running than this hospitality complex. It has large sidewalks so you don’t have to worry about bothering pedestrians, a couple of roundabouts and smaller paths for variations, and a direct access to the beach for that sweet ending.


Running on a designated path – be it man made or dirt – gives a little restriction in terms of distance and also probably the surrounding views during the run. However, it lets your body adapt to a different surface and condition, thus making you a more versatile runner. Running in parks also has its obstacles, as you usually have to share the path with dozens of other runners, but it’s sure more refreshing.
Try: Lapangan Niti Mandala Renon in Denpasar
Not only is this city park located right in the heart of bustling Denpasar, it has several running tracks for you to choose should you get bored too soon. The large trees around the area also help you breathe in fresh oxygen better, especially when it’s still early.


One of the perks of living in southern Bali is that beach
runs are only 15 minutes away. Bali’s most popular beaches are already equipped with paved paths, making them perfect for running during the sunrise or sunset hours – depending on which beach. Most paths stretch between four to five kilometres, so it’s actually perfect for light runs. If you prefer the more primal run on the beach, go barefoot and run on the sand – watch out for sharp twigs or seashells.
Try: Sanur Beach
While both Sanur and Kuta Beaches have a decent pathway, Sanur excels for those who like to run in the morning because it boasts the view of the sun slowly rising above the horizon. For sunset running, however, Kuta holds the vista; but it can get too crowded.


The most challenging in terms of terrain and condition, trail running is definitely the next level of running as it takes every bit of your endurance, strength, and adaptability to a more advanced prowess you never thought you had. Tall wet grass, narrow dirt paths in between rice paddies, rocky steps, and hard steep hikes are the usual ingredients for this kind of running. Many running events in Bali also incorporate these terrains in the races, utilising the tough courses with impeccable views.
Try: Bukit Jimbaran
Basically every type of terrain on the island is summed up here. The various surfaces (from asphalt to dirt, from gravel to moss, from grass to sand), and the gradually evolving altitude make the courses demanding, but also fulfilling.


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