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Ripe and Rewards

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As heir of Bali’s most prominent traditional liquor (brem) brand, ‘Dewi Sri’, Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa is no stranger for alcoholic beverages. After finishing his education back in 1989, he’s helping to run his family business before started his own company, Hatten Wine in 1992; which has since been successfully elevating local grape and vineyards to compete with the best of the world. With Hellobali, Gus Rai passionately shares the background of his prestigious wine company; from major inspirations to how its products can help to promote the Balinese culture. Raise a glass!

When you are not enjoying Hatten Wines, what are some of your most favourite wines of the world? 

Basically, I have never been too fanatical for one particular wine brand because I enjoy experimenting with different types of wine from different countries, but for the type of wine that I like the most are Shiraz and Chardonnay

Tell us about your background; could you name us some of your initial inspirations in wine?

I was born and raised from a family that has long managed a business in the field of alcoholic beverages namely Brem Bali, this also makes my interest in this business very large and with my educational background and also the island of Bali which we know already growing rapidly supported by the tourism sector, makes me even more confident to continue to develop this business by diversifying and innovating other alcoholic beverage products, which is wine. At that time around 1992 I met a business partner from Australia who then gave me an idea to make wine in Bali by looking at the potential yield of grapes in the northern part of the island of Bali which was quite good.

What makes you decide to establish Hatten wine? 

Name us two of the best local grape variants used in your products see an opportunity and quite large potential market for wine drinkers in Bali, especially as the biggest destination for tourists to come to Indonesia, even in some big cities in Indonesia which are also the city of choice for foreign tourists. One of my missions also to make Hatten Wines to be well known as The Indonesia product icon that made originally from Bali. Hatten Wines uses local grapes to produce its wines, from its own vineyards in North Bali (Buleleng Regency). In its own vineyards, Hatten Wines grows the local black grapes – the Alphonse Lavallée French table grapes and white grape varieties whose seeds we get from the area of Kediri – East Java and then grown and work well at our vineyards (Belgia and Probolinggo Biru).

How would Hatten Wines represent the Balinese culture through its products? Explain a bit of your answer

In the label of each of our products, we always include certain elements of that reflect Balinese ethnic, as you could see on our Hatten Wines Rosé label we put we put pictures of Ulun Danu temple in lake Batur – one of the famous lake and legend on the island of Bali, on the other product AGA, actually name of AGA in Balinese word means “Original”, so our product AGA Red and AGA White, we named it AGA so we proudly said that its produce originally from our own grapes that grown In our vineyard – originally from Bali, in our sparkling ranges Sparkling Jepun and Tunjung we also take a name for these wines inspired by the name of an identical and very famous traditional and origin flower that you see only in Bali. We also put out tagline “Proudly Balinese” for Hatten Wines brand that we would like to show that we’re so proud of Bali and that we could produce quality and award winning wines in Bali with our own grown grapes. 

How did you decide on the name? 

The name of Hatten Wines given by our first business partner from Australia that according to him means Progress 

Your Dragonfly Moscato variant is amazing! What’s the inspiration behind its creation? 

Dragonfly is a sweet and sexy wine made in Indonesia from imported grapes, selected carefully from premium vineyards of South Australia. It aims to please the young, beautiful, strong Asian woman. The wine is easy drinking and with low alcohol (around 8%), allowing enjoyment without negative consequences. The philosophy behind its advertising campaign is a clear and simple message: enjoy wine with moderation, anytime, anywhere, simply because it’s pleasurable. Wine, slightly sparkling like this Moscato, is not aimed at losing one’s inhibitions, it’s an elixir which pleases, allows relaxation and is a healthy solution to an evening out 

And what about Two Islands brand? What differs it from other Hatten Wines product in general?

The brand Two Islands, reminiscing of the relationship between Bali and Australia, is an Australian palate tailor made collection of wines offered in Bali. The assortment includes a lively and fresh Chardonnay, a floral and fruity Riesling, a ruby red peppery Shiraz and a full bodied, fruity flavoured Cabernet Merlot. Launched in 2016, four more wines join the portfolio of the company: Two Islands Reserve. The first Premium wines of Indonesia, the Shiraz from Barossa, the Chardonnay from Adelaide Hills, the Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawara and the Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay, Méthode Traditionelle Brut, Adelaide Hills/Limestone Coast, are from Australia’s best regions, from single vineyards, have been barrel selected and aged long. The three still wines are fully matured in French oak barrels, and went through a barrel selection. Therefore only the A grade barrels have been used for the reserve blends and the rest go to our regular Two Islands wine range. At the end of 2018 we also launch TWO islands Sparkling Chardonnay to complete our TWO Islands wine ranges. Two Islands range could be found in restaurants, hotels and wine shops around the archipelago. 

What’s next for Hatten Wines; any new variant / brand that we should anticipate in near future?

Aside of keep continuing our research and development program that we’ve doing for more than 10 years to plant and grow international grapes variety in our vineyard up north in Singaraja, we’re also ready to launch on end of this year our Hatten Wines range with those grapes variety that we’ve been working on at our own vineyard, such as : Syrah, Colombard, Chenin Blanc, Tempranilo, Muscat St. Vallier so Hatten’s brand would be the first to have Syrah/Shiraz wine from Bali – for red wine type, Muscat St. Vallier from Bali and others range that related to the grapes that we’re working on at our own vineyard in Singaraja.


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