An Utmost Utopia

By: Hellobali |

It seems that wellness centers in Seminyak evolve from time to time and prevail tourists’ attention no matter what. One of those to introduce is Qi Shiseido with all the charms and perks, luring people for one day full of restfulness.

Tucked away amidst the entertainment hub of Seminyak, Qi Shiseido is indeed a hidden gem. The exterior display may be seen unpromising for some people but taking steps inside, a whole different dimension puts into a place. The atmosphere of Bali suddenly vanishes, flipped into a zen as if situated somewhere in The Orient. Red dominates the interior design highlighting the elements of Oriental architecture.

Arriving at the treatment room where I got the wonderful Qi Balinese Massage, I was wowed by the large space and complete features including a bathroom, a jacuzzi and a balcony. Not to mention when I started my treatment. Designated to relax my muscular tension, Qi Balinese is known as a traditional massage that combines palm, thumb pressures and Qi Tsubo (part of Shiatsu, a Japanese pressure point massage) pressure points. The benefits of this massage itself comprise in not only for reducing tensions but also fatigues and improving lymphatic as well as muscular system. Helping blood flow and decreasing stress are part of conducting good side effects too.

First of all, of course it was begun by foot detox that was continued by placing myself on the plush massage table. Before enjoying every gentle touch given by the masseuse, I had to pick one of the offered oils such as Aroma Gel Relaxing 1 consisting of nutmeg, neroli, sandalwood and valerian, Aroma Gel Relaxing 2 (Mimosa, jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang), Aroma Gel Refreshing 1 comprising of  grapefruit, pepper, fennel and rosemary and Aroma Gel Refreshing 2 combining lemon, orange and lavandin. Then for about an hour I fell into a very deep relaxation, taking pleasure of the combination body tsubo pressure point and traditional Balinese massage.

Not stopping there, I also got a chance to relish in their Ultimate Radiance Facial. The 75-minute treatment fused deep cleansing, face steam, face stubo points, face jade drainage, face mask and moisturizing. Back to back, the steps were kept in order to maintain the benefits of the treatment itself namely hydration, preventing new pigmented areas from farming on the skin, controlling and regulating the formation and agglomeration of melanin, obtaining a new skin feature (including the reduction of dilated pores) and giving luminosity and freshness through the high oxygenating power of the products, White Lucency from SHISEIDO. And for 2 hours and 15 minutes in this impeccable cocoon, I devoured one of the best time in quite a while. Truly a chill pill!

9 February 2019
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