The Unexplored Region of Bali

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A quiet sanctuary hidden deep in the mountains of Sidemen.

                For years Bali has been one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Tourists from every corner of the world visit the island searching for a tranquil vacation filled with relaxation and rejuvenation. With each holiday season it starts to get crowded in popular areas like Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, and Ubud, though Ubud used to be a quiet area of Bali. It was the perfect escape route away from the busy life of the island but has since become the go-to place for visitors looking for health programs and wellness activities in recent years.

                Bali is a small island; however, it seems that only a quarter of it is familiar to tourists and locals alike. There are many untouched corners of Bali yet to be explored and one such area is the region of Karangasem where Wapa Di Ume Sidemen, a new peaceful hideaway resort, lies in the district of Sidemen. Wapa Di Ume Sidemen is an hour and a half drive from Denpasar, though the gorgeous scenery along the way will distract you enough to make it seem like a shorter drive. Once you’ve ascended towards the mountains of Sidemen, the mesmerizing view of all the lush green trees and hills will take your breath away. Turn off your air conditioning and roll down your windows, the breath of fresh air is absolutely refreshing.

                Sidemen is a relatively traditional district on the southeast of Bali where you’ll find lots of small houses and shops along the way, but large resorts and villas are still quite uncommon. The path to Wapa Di Ume Sidemen takes you through a small road where roadwork is still in progress to give visitors a better access. Upon the entrance of Wapa Di Ume Sidemen, you’ll be directed by the friendly security to descend towards the lobby where the staff is ready to greet you with great hospitality. The staff is very welcoming and warm which already makes it a great experience. During your check-in process, you’ll be served an invigorating welcoming drink along and a cold face towel to freshen up. Before you are taken to your room the staff will bless you and present you a 3-colored bracelet, representing the trinity of supreme divinity in Hinduism, for protection.

                Wapa Di Ume Sidemen has a 360° panoramic hillside view with a backdrop of the tallest mountain of Mount Agung. This sustainable and eco-friendly 5-star boutique resort consists of 21 units; 6 Lanai Rooms, 10 Di Ume Suites and 5 one-bedroom Pool Villas. The units are beautifully designed with traditional yet current Balinese aesthetic to give guests the authentic feel. Each unit are equipped with all the facilities a 5-star resort has such as a private terrace and balcony overlooking the rice field and the forest, a comfortable bed with mosquito net, air conditioning, sunken bath with hot and cold water, toiletries, and even a flashlight for guests who want to walk around the neighborhood after sundown. The villas are particularly astonishing, equipped with a private infinity pool where guests can take a dip while enjoying the rice field centerpiece.

                Guests can dine in their restaurant, Sleeping Gajah, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which serves Indonesian-Western fusion dishes carefully crafted by the chef using local and organic produce, a plus point for health and wellness enthusiasts. For breakfast, you can enjoy a selection of Indonesian breakfast such as ‘Nasi Goreng’ and ‘Mie Goreng’ or a traditional Western breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, and sausage. The breakfast sets come with a healthy fruit bowl with yogurt, fresh juice of your selection served with a bamboo straw, a selection of pastries and their daily shot of the day, which is a fruit or vegetable shot. Guests are treated with a stunning view of the forest and the mountain as they enjoy their breakfast and lunch.

                For lunch and dinner, guests should indulge themselves with their delicious menu. Start off with the ‘Gado-Gado’ and the mushroom soup. The stand-outs for the main course include their tender ‘Iga Babi’ served with sambal matah, sambal ulek and sambal embe, and their savory Rolled Chicken with Bacon with a side of Potato Wedges. To round off your meal, satisfy your sweet tooth with their selection of desserts such as the Chocolate Lava Cake, it will blow your mind.

                The resort offers gym facility, a public swimming pool, a spacious yoga pavilion with yoga classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am, a gallery and boutique shop where weaving classes are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6pm, meeting room, wedding venue, spa, complimentary daily afternoon tea, daily shuttle bus, 24-hour on-call doctor, and rice paddy trekking. The rice paddy trekking is an interesting activity to participate in. Guests can choose the trekking duration of 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours. The trekking will take you all the way to the highest peak of the mountain on the other side of the resort. If you are not one for trekking, then the staff will gladly take you on their shuttle to go sightseeing around the village. Guests will pass by an organic farm where all the products are grown with zero chemicals, private temples, small huts where workers have gathered black stones from Mount Agung which are then used to build temples, and an incredible panoramic view of Padang Bai Port.

                Sidemen is a lovely area of Bali which is still relatively unheard of since many of the visitors are European and almost no local visitors. Wapa Di Ume Sidemen is an elegant resort with amazing facilities, warm hospitality, great service and breathtaking surroundings like no other. Located in a charming neighborhood, it is the perfect destination for guests seeking a peaceful and quiet escape from the busy life of the city. Their excellent health programs and wellness activities are of world-class quality and are the right choice for you to rejuvenate and get your mojo back.

13 September 2018
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