Tipsy Sober: 8 Ways To Cure Hangover In Bali

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Bali is incredible not only for all of its fascinating culture and nature wonders, but also the vibrant tropical vibe which invites every party goer who wishes to dance, have fun, and get wasted on the morning after. Well, we understand that ‘hangover’ shouldn’t even exist, as it gives a bad aftertaste to a wonderful fiesta you’ve done all night long. But worry not! Here we have listed some of the best way to cure your post-party hangover in the island of Bali. It’s not 100% guarantee, but then, nothing wrong with trying, right? 

1. Splash It Out

No matter what, water will always be the best cure for hangover. If drinking doesn’t really work; how about a quick cold dip? There are literally tons of beautiful infinity pools around Bali where you can splash and refresh yourself in crystal clean H2O. If you didn’t really feel like doing it on your own, we believe that your closest friends will gladly do it for you. All you need it (for someone) to ask and set it up. Wanna try?

2. Regain Your Balance (Inside Out)

Look, this is not scientifically proven, but we (and some of our trusted sources) believe that yoga somehow helps in your hangover detox process. So, just bring your mat and join the nearest class available. The tranquility ritual has been a thing for some time around Bali and you may easily find those who will gladly guide you through all of the elaborate motions (with a reasonable price, of course). So, Namasteand say goodbye to that light-headed feeling, at least for until the next rave invitation.

3. Juice Up!

As we all (who take our chemical class seriously) know, alcohol is diuretic and will make you feel dehydrated. So immediately after you feel sober, grab a bottle of organic juice (or two) to boost up the detoxifying process of your body. If there's anything Bali would never run out of, fresh fruit is amongst them. So whip your smartphone and simply find the closest place which sells them for you; cold-pressed or regular blend, as long as it’s natural, it’s good enough!

4. Run to High Places 

Yeah, you get the idea right? Sweating is one of the best detox methods of all time, especially for alcohol-induced hangover. But for this, we did not ask you to do a cross country marathon through the hills (feel free to do it with your own risk, though). If you need for an uninterrupted peace and quiet moment to spend your post-party time without hassle away from Southern Bali’s bustling ambience, , you can go up to the hill and visit some of Bali’s best jungle lounges; there are some located around Ubud area. Bunker down, wear your shades, chill, and let that bloodshot eyes heal faster with fresh unpolluted air!

5. Indulge the Senses

A full night of partying (and binge-drinking) often left our physics in ‘motionless’ state the next morning. This is totally normal, as we indeed do heavy activity and didn’t have enough time to proper rest. One of the ways to countermeasure this situation is a good Spa treatment. Again, in Bali it is not so hard to find plethora of international standard treatment center, especially in Southern to central area of the island. Book yourself a nice 1 hour massage session to get the blood circulation flowing accordingly again. Lay back, close your eyes, and let the professional therapist indulge your sensory with their magical technique.

6. Munch the Green

With all the respect to our fellow vegetarians, sometime it is recommended to have raw remedies made of fresh vegetables, fruits and other non-artificial organic goodness. Alcohol can affect the hormone in our bodies, so a healthy dose of ingredients can help us to detox faster. Raw plant-based food is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can strengthen our immune system; the enzymes improve digestion and energy levels; also, the high water content in raw plant food helps to cleanse and hydrate the body. Just think of the benefits above the taste, for once!

7. Big Chow Down!

Up to this point, we really do hope that scientist and researchers can find prove that excessive eating can lead to hangover cure (no they’re not). But, hey, at least it satiates our hunger, right? When you decide to fulfill that crave with delicious food, don’t hold back. Visit one of the island’s finest burger stall around to have a huge portion of scrumptious grilled stacks, tasty sauce, extra cheese and a large glass of cold milkshake (save the beer for later). Dig in, lads!

8. Fire with Fire

When all else fails, eh? There’s an old term that said ‘fight fire with fire’, and to put it on context, just fend of the alcohol in your body with…uhm…more alcoholic concoction. This is more like a recreational suggestion than tips, so please, we ask you to do it extra responsibly (consider this our soft DISCLAIMER). We also didn’t recommend doing it straight out of the bed in the morning as well, but rather wait until the evening to visit a drinking den continue your tipsy sun downing session. Who needs a calm before the storm? Let’s ride the thunder!

14 April 2019
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