Sanctuary of Solitude

By: Hellobali |

Dubbed as a sanctuary for those who look after a good health physically and mentally, EDEN Life Centres is a quintessential locale to commit on your holistic wellness and advanced beauty treatments.

Prior to visiting EDEN Life Centres for the first time, I have been already aware of its existence. And my impression of the place (thanks to Instagram) was not about the beauty treatment menu yet the interior design. Judging from the website, I fell in love with its Scandinavian interior, intertwining contemporary and simplicity playing with some pastel colors for the furniture and wall, scattering pictures, pillows, and plants to enhance the entire aspect of feeling oneness with serenity. And true to the reality, what I sense on the screen resembles the real display. When I entered EDEN, I was welcomed by a small garden leading me to its adorned reception. The light and airiness suffused the room, injecting the portrait of the Garden of Eden (or maybe this is the inspiration behind).

Speaking of the beauty treatments they offer, I picked out LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Facial as it is actually the limelight. Interestingly, the cold light technology was developed by NASA, delivering specific wavelengths to the skin for stimulation, regeneration and hydrate. What is so special about this is that the mask on your face is not the one with ingredients but the LED instead. So after my face was cleansed and serum was applied, the LED machine was place above my face for about 20 minutes as the mask I was talking about. Afterwards, without rinsing any of ingredients on my face -just like it used to be, and without pain, I embraced the brightness and freshness on my skin already.

To my knowledge, I finally comprehended some facts about the LED Mask. It  has a different function for each LEDE colour lighting although the goal for every colour lighting is to stimulate the cells to form collagen and elastin. Seven colours of the LED have different functions and all depend on our need. The red one is mostly for increasing cell activity while the blue one is for anti-inflammatory and the green is for reducing the secretion oil in the skin. For acne, violet is the right colour whilst yellow is for pigmentation. On the other hand, the combination of blue and green colour is for energising skin cell and metabolism. The last colour, white light is to tighten skin, remove fine lines and blemishes.

On the same day, I got a chance to talk with EDEN’s inspiring nutritionist, Sarah Newland. She unfolded a myriad facts and features of this oasis including her nutrition programs. Sharing a bit of EDEN’s secret, she revealed that later, providing a life coach will be their special offer too aside from other exciting plans to follow. The ultimate mission of EDEN is to essentially serve better lifestyle alternation in our magical island.

9 February 2019
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