The Plataran Heritage

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Understanding better the Balinese heritage with Plataran.

Indonesia is a place that is filled with diversity and rich in history. There’s no other place quite like Indonesia, where you can travel to every corner and feel different experience each time. Being located along the equator line, Indonesia is a vast and sprawling country that comprises over than 17,000 islands. Bali is one of them. When travelers travel to Bali, they are seeking a new experience that can not be found anywhere else. The mystical and exoticism of Bali are two of the biggest factors that attract people to visit this island, along with its gorgeous views of the beach, mountains, and sea.

To get a better understanding of the Balinese heritage, Plataran Resorts create a special package for travelers to experience first hand the magical feeling of Indonesia. Naming the package ‘Best of Bali’, guests are treated to a special journey by staying at two of their locations in Bali. Experience the beauty of Bali along verdant rice paddies in Plataran Ubud and be charmed by the spiritual and cultural richness of Bali in Plataran Canggu.

Cocooned within tropical gardens, alongside a river and lush green paddy fields, Plataran Canggu is an oasis of amazing peace and tranquility. From the 250 years old Joglo structure at reception to the traditional alang-alang roofed villas with antique carved doorways, Indonesia’s rich architectural heritage provides an exotic setting for life’s finest comforts and experience. At Plataran Canggu, guests are staying for two nights in their One Bedroom Private Pool Villa and taught to create authentic Indonesian dishes and Jamu making lessons. Jamu is a traditional herbal medicine made from natural ingredients such as roots, leaves, barks, and fruits. During this in-depth lesson, guests will learn the benefits of each ingredient and secret tips on the best blends.

Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa is a sprawling haven of tranquility located just off Ubud’s main dining hub of Jalan Hanoman. Step from the bustle of the street into beautifully manicured gardens overlooking a stunning panorama of verdant paddy fields and a sacred temple that is aged more than 100 years old. Within this lush oasis resides a collection of 51 stylish rooms, suites, and one private residence. Every guest who is taking this special package are able to stay for two nights in the Deluxe Room and will get to embark on a journey of relaxation by enjoying a selection of spa treatment at Padma Spa. Step through the antique Balinese doors to four treatment rooms, private sanctuaries complete with terrazzo tub or shower, treatment beds, and relaxation area. Experience blissful massage and beauty treatments that harness the benefits of natural ingredients, imbued with Bali’s earthy essence and calm tranquility.

Plataran means ‘God’s most favorite courtyard’, a reflection of our connection to and celebration of all the beauty and richness of culture that Indonesia has been blessed with. Plataran invites discovery and appreciation of Indonesia many treasures through its luxury brand of boutique hotels and resort, private cruises, dining, and event venues, developed in Indonesia’s most iconic and exotic destinations.

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28 February 2019
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