Explosions of Gastronomic Perfection

By: Hellobali |

Revel in an astonishing dining experience at Sake No Hana.

Perched above the breathtaking limestone cliffs of Uluwatu and resting right inside the legendary OMNIA Dayclub Bali lies Sake no Hana. Word of the unparalleled superiority of this modern authentic Japanese restaurant has been echoed throughout the island but one has to dine there themselves to discover what a truly magnificent dining experience Sake no Hana offers. With a choice of dining on the Grand Staircase with a vantage point of the Dayclub or up on the Mezzanine with a surreal panoramic view of the Indian Ocean, Sake no Hana boasts a plethora of surprises to guests.

Sake no Hana’s menu has been meticulously crafted to serve guests with the finest Japanese cuisine carried out with so much attention to detail, from the taste to the presentation. Start off your epicurean delight with the Crunchy Sasage Salad, a refreshing appetizer which uses a vibrant mix of veggies giving a combination of zesty flavors, complemented perfectly with the texture of the cashew nuts. Served with the freshest cut of Salmon, the Seared Salmon with Jalapeño sauce and ‘cucumelon’ is equally as appetizing. The Ika Kuro is a deep fried squid served with wasabi mayo and spicy mayo, perfectly fried to give the right amount of crunch. Indulge in the mouthwatering Beef Tataki; the thin slices of meat will melt in your mouth and will leave you speechless, it is absolutely divine.

With such appetizers already blowing it out of the park, guests should expect nothing less than perfection with the main courses. The popular Wagyu Kamameshi takes 30 minutes to cook and is their longest dish to prepare but is well worth the wait. The traditional Japanese rice dish is cooked from scratch, starting with the rice, inside an iron pot. The wagyu is tenderly cooked and is paired in seamless harmony with the savory rice. Continue on with the Salmon Hobayaki, a beautifully glazed salmon cut that is a feast for the eyes and the palate. The salmon is so fresh and so soft; it’ll leave you going for seconds and thirds. The Grilled Wagyu Beef Marble no. 5 is juicy and flavorful; a definite highlight of an already eclectic line-up of dishes.

Celebrated for their sushi and sashimi, Sake no Hana offers an excellent array of the Japanese delicacies. Relish in the Salmon Ebi Maki and Truffle Tuna Maki and get ready to have your taste buds explode in a culinary euphoria. Sake no Hana utilizes a special technique in which they fry the sushi for a short period of time to give it just the right amount of crunchiness without overcooking it. Complete your culinary adventure with the triple dessert combo of Chocolate Peanut Crunch, Bamboo, and Toro Match; a definite delight to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pair your dishes with an innovative variety of cocktails concocted by the masterful mixologists at the bar. Sake no Hana’s utilizes locally sourced ingredients to create signature cocktails. Relinquish your thirst with favorites such as the bourbon-based Uluwatu Classic and the vodka-based Pandan Martini. For a fruity cocktail try the Niseko Mau, for a coconut-y drink try the Teppan Cup and for a citrus-y beverage try the Calamansi Aviation.

In an island with countless numbers of dining places, it’s very rare to find a place that offers the perfect culinary journey like Sake no Hana. With a concept that has been carefully thought out, Sake no Hana is designed to give guests a luxurious and grandiose experience. The dishes are prepared and executed with so much love and attention to detail; every single dish will leave you blown away. The staff has been masterfully trained to cater complete comfort to guests and a vast knowledge of the dishes, explaining each dish served with confidence. Sake no Hana is without a doubt one of the premier dining destinations in Bali and will gain continuous momentum for many years to come.

17 March 2019
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