Alila Villas Uluwatu (Re) Introduce Their Sunset Cabana Bar & Quila Dining Facility

By: Hellobali |

On the 8thApril 2019, Alila Villas Uluwatu hosted an intimate media soirée to introduce their Sunset Cabana Bar and Quila fine dining facility.

The event started early around 5.30pm as all the invited medias are gathered on the resort’s Sunset Cabana Bar. The cubicle-shaped venue boasts an excellent wooden-based material contains its very own cocktail bar and plush sofas where the guest can sit, mingle and enjoy their light bites and drink overlooking the magnificent, uninterrupted view of Bali’s Southern sea. The cocktail bar itself serves selections of unique liquid creations which combines Indonesian traditional concoctions; with names such as ‘rujak’ or ‘kencur’ with world-class liquors.

Then right on 7pm, dinner time is on at Quila dining room. Re-established with fascinating philosophies and elevated ‘exquisite fine dining’ concept, Quila of Alila Villas Uluwatu is a holistic experience of senses through five-course dishes made of quality local ingredients and brilliant presentation. The name itself is derived from the word ‘Qui’, means ‘He/She who transforms’, and combined with the ‘La’ from ‘Alila’. The dining room resembles a luxurious sanctuary; with only one long table in the middle, surrounded by dim lighting and gallant dark stone walls. The higher part of the walls are made of intricately-engraved bronze with complex patterns, truly represent Alila brand’s attention and passion to fine art of sustainable craftsmanship.

Masterminded by Chef Marc Lorés Panadés, Quila serves tailor-made Mediterranean-inspired dishes made using as much organic, sustainable local sources possible. This grand philosophy reflected on each of the 5-course dishes served that night. It was a mesmerizing journey of senses; from sight, sound, to taste. The Catalan-born Chef Marc fluently explains about each and every of his creation (in English), so the guest knows the back story of the meals, and could establish a connection before savoring them; from ‘Sayur Otak’ (roasted cauliflower with sweet and spicy pumpkin sauce), Smoked Sweet & Sour Guava which made in Spanish style and resembles meat in texture and taste, Black Rice, which are made using risotto approach, to the tasty Beef Tounge (served with the pleasantly-crunchy tapioca crisp). The element of surprises lingers until the very end of this feasible soiree as Chef Marc directly made the Sambal Nanas (Indonesian peanut-chili sauce) in a huge ‘ulekan’ stone bowl with manual stone grinder called ‘cobek’,  and served them with fresh lemon sorbet; speaking about ‘party in your palate!’

Bringing a distinctive nature to ‘fine-dining concept’, Quila and Chef Marc maximize their effort in imaginative use of sound, texture, aroma to add another dimension of sensory stimulation; along with carefully considered wine pairing to elevate that sense of absolute satiation. Each menu are indeed made of simple ingredients, but was carefully curated, tested and experimented countless of time before served on the gorgeous plating, and the overall experience is an adventurous, memorable journey of intimate degustation.

10 April 2019
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