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Reticulated, Radial, Rata: An Intricate Series Of John Hardy’s Fall Collection

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For this upcoming Fall of 2021, John Hardy embraces the season change with a series of intricate collection; ‘Reticulated, Radial and Rata’ under their iconic Classic Chain product.

For the upcoming August, Reticulated and Radial Collection bring forth the signature forms of John Hardy’s eclectic products. Reticulated were made with traditional metalsmithing techniques to life through powerful, contemporary designs. Using an alchemical process studied over generations, precious metals are manipulated by hand to produce raw, elemental texture. Under the touch of the Master Artisan, the material is the message.

Bringing form to this rich technique, Reticulated is offered in both women’s and men’s necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. All feature a resonant, oxidized finish and raw, distressed texture; an ode to the vital energy that connects and sustains us all. This Mandala-inspired collection with hand carved linework emits energy and light like the rays of our shared sun. This 9-piece collection in both women’s and men’s was brought to life through a collaborative, horizontal design process informed by the voices and visions of every designer and artisan who touched the collection.

Then for September, John Hardy’s Rata collection is a new iteration of chain that draws on designs from their archive. Translating to “flat” or “smooth” in Bahasa Indonesian and Balinese, Rata is an intricately woven planar weave with a textile-inspired silhouette. Featuring powerfully tactile ribbons of chain, the Rata collection is punctuated by subtle twists and understated braided details. The design language is integrated and seamless, with forking, multi-row forms that fluidly diverge and converge again. Sleek, supple necklaces and bracelets mold to the contours of the wearer’s body, featuring seamless clasps that sustain the streamlined integrity of each piece’s profile.

Reticulated and Radial Collection are available starting August 1, 2021 and Rata Collection is available starting September 1, 2021. Contact and visit John Hardy Kapal Bamboo Boutique and John Hardy Seminyak Boutique and Gallery for more information regarding these amazing collections.


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