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Remote Effective: HRIS Tips For Maximizing Company Workflow During COVID-19 ‘Stay At Home’ Policy

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Since its spreading from Wuhan, China, Corona Virus (COVID-19) has become a global pandemic issue; forcing most countries to issue a lockdown policy to prevent its propagation. This has significantly affected companies and business as well; as they are forced to allow the employee to stay at home. Here are some of the tips by Mekari’s HRIS (Human Resource Information System) to maximize the workflow of all the employee while doing their work remotely. Check them out!

1. Fast and Coordinated Information Distribution

The most important job for company Human Resource on this ‘stay at home’ period, the HR will be responsible to gather relevant and important information for office employee, and giving fast response to frequently asked questions by the employee related to the issue. The usage of communication channel such as social messaging or internal application can be the source of valid information pool by HR to spread the information to all employee.

2. Limit the Usage of Fingerprint

Most of Indonesian company nowadays prioritize the usage of fingerprint scanner to keep tab of their employee’s availability. By limiting the usage of this tool, HR will be able to reduce and prevent the spreading of COVID-19 between the employee. To substitute the direct fingerprint, the advanced online-based HRIS (Human Resource Information System) such as Talenta can be used to facilitate employee. With feature such as live attendance can be conveniently accessed via smartphone, every employee can fulfill their attendance with minimal contact to virus and bactery.

3. Issue ‘Work From Home’ Policy

Some company in Indonesia begin to consider a full work from home system to prevent further spreading of COVID-19. This policy serves as a fine alternative for all employee to finish their task without having to go out and having risk to be affected by the virus. If a company has applied HRIS system such as Talenta, this policy can be easily done because all employee can do their attendance checking through live attendance system, and Human Resource can observe their attendance as well through an integrated dashboard interface which will be updated in real-time.

4. Assign Task Through Mobile Application

When a company gives the policy to work from home, the task-finishing process has definitely be done as usual. In this condition, task coordination must be done in concrete structure. Company can use the project management tools , which has task-assigning feature such as HRIS Talenta application.

5. Facilitate Health Benefit Access

Amidst this condition, employee will surely be more aware of their health and well being. Access to health benefit platform where they can apply for sickness treatment reimbursement or even knowing the status of their reimbursement will become a plus point for the employee, because they can have access to transparent process of their health insurance. Application such as Talenta can make it more convenient for all employee to gain those facilities in a mobile apps that cna be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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