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House of Taste and Specialty

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Occupying a space just beside Alaya Hotel, Pison Coffee’s latest establishment enhances the vibrant culinary scene of Ubud with its tantalizing Asian-inspired menus and elegantly stylish dining space.

After successfully renowned as one of the best brew bar / cafe in Bali through its flagship Petitenget venue, Pison decided to expands their influence even further. Their Ubud outlet is a gorgeous indoor dining space, built right in front of Alaya Hotel’s iconic rice paddy field. The interior boast a contemporary design dominated by wood and stone materials. Glass window panels and high ceiling gives a pleasant feel to the dining guest to come and feast with their loved ones; family or friend alike.


The menus of Pison consists wide selections of Asian-inspired goodness with Australian-style presentation. For a starter, try their Tuna Yuzu Soba Salad; a fresh blend of cold soba ramen noodle with vegetables (cucumber, edamame) grilled tuna meat and sweet-meets-sour yuzu dressing. This refreshing palate cleanser will boost your appetite for the tasty main course. If you crave for more seafood-induced dish, try Pison’s Fish Curry; a wonderful combination of sour, sweet and savory soup served with ‘bajakan’ sambal sauce for a pleasant hint of spiciness. Unlike your regular curry, the soup is made using evaporate milk instead of coconut milk, significantly enhancing the creaminess. Alternatively, if you’re an avid Asian fried rice lover, you’re in for a treat! Pison’s signature Crispy Pork Belly Fried Rice is a totally recommended menu to have; a precise combination of juicy, crispy pork and delicious fried rice (plus generous amount of ‘kerupuk’ rice crackers) served in large, satisfying portion. It is a perfect dish for your lunch or dinner occasion; just make sure you come hungry!

To compliment your wonderful meal, try some of Pison Ubud’s specialty coffee-based beverages as well; such as the creamy Flatwhite Martini or their brand new Regal Affogato; a royal blend of tasty espresso, vanilla ice cream, milk biscuit and Baileys liquor for an enticing sweet-bitter taste enhancer.

Pison Ubud
Jl. Monkey Forest No.8, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571
P: +62 813 3774 9328
IG : @pisoncoffee


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