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Picnic in Bali During Pandemic

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It is a good time to go out for a picnic lunch or dinner. The weather is nice and warm and it’s a great way to get together with your loved ones. Especially during pandemic, being in an outdoor vacinity will be a healthier and safer choice to have fun. Also if you go on a trip,  picnic has many advantages since it is easy to organize while enjoying the island’s view. If you like the idea, read on, because we are going to tell you everything you need for an unforgettable picnic.

The important checklist

Check the weather

Nothing worse than a picnic that turns into drama because it rains. Make sure beforehand that the chosen day will have good weather and little wind (which is also very uncomfortable).

Find the best venue

Do some research to decide which part of Bali you want to go to for a picnic. Do you want the beach or the mountains? Do you want to be able to tan or do you want cooler weather? Do you want tables or the sand is good for you? There are so many different areas in Bali that can provide all that for you, from the beach around Bukit to Bedugul mountais or Karangasem. If you decided to be in the sun, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen .

Food & Beverage

It sounds obvious but… you don’t know how easy it is to forget the sandwich in the fridge! Think of things that are  easy to eat and prepare  (sandwiches, salads) and the silverware and glasses that you will need. Make list on your notebook or phone so you won’t leave anything behind.

Some Necessary Stuff

  • A large picnic tablecloth
  • Sunglasses
  • Napkins or wipes
  • Anti mosquito cream

If you want to upgrade

Now you have the basics of a good picnic. But to create  a luxury picnic vibe you can add:

A good bottle of wine or Champagne

What is better than a few glasses of chilled white wine to accompany the cheese and give the food  an elegant and romantic touch ?

Bring a card game or a guitar to entertain yourself

If you go with friends, a good way to have fun is to play cards together, Streghten to bond and full of laughters. You can also bring your favorite  book, or sing along while your friend plays the guitar.

Picnic on the beach at sunset

Bali’s beach is a perfect place to have a picnic dinner. Go in the late afternoon and enjoy the sunset. If you don’t know what to eat, two take out pizzas may be the best option. Easy, yummy and less messy!


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