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Paz Návarro- Fourcard the Beauty Maven

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Get to know better Páz Návarro-Fourcard, a self-proclaimed makeup aficionado who left the big city life for a quieter and balanced island living with her family. 

It is true whenever people say that man is from Mars while the girl is from Venus. Men never have to worry so much about taking care of their skin. Some are even using the same thing for body and hair while showering. This is so much different to women. They believe in taking such good care of their skin. For example, when choosing a body lotion, there are many different types that are crucial to them. Does it have enough SPF? Or, is it okay to use for normal to dry skin? What about for oily skin? And the list goes on and on. This is maybe one of the reasons why girls have so many friends so they can tell each other which product will work best. And if your friend is not Pàz Nàvarro-Fourcard, then you should! 

Known to anyone on the island as Pàz, she’s a self-proclaimed makeup aficionado who is also a designer and entrepreneur. Along with her husband, Pablo Fourcard, they manage and run some of the well-established dining venues that keep people raving about. Using the power of social media, Pàz (@paznavarro) also shares her passion with life, whether it’d be fashion or traveling, she loves to speak to her followers and give them a peek of her busy life. But above all, the title she is most proud for is being a wife and a mom to her kids. Pàz is truly blessed to have the support from her family to chase and do whatever she is passionate about. And exclusively for Hello Bali readers, she’s going to share with you an insider secret about her skincare regime and where to go in Bali for the best pampering session. 

Hi Pàz, how would you perfectly describe yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Pàz Nàvarro- Fourcard and I am a professional makeup artist, model, designer, and entrepreneur. I am also a mom to three beautiful kids and a wife to a phenomenal man. 

What made you decided to move for good to the island of the Gods?

One of the reasons why I wanted to move is because I want to live in a peaceful and down-to-earth life with my family and raise my kids in a unique environment that shares the same respect for nature and love for life. We used to live in big cities but I prefer a more open-minded and spiritual place to bring my kids up. So they have a great balance between a modern approach to living and still have their feet on the ground. We’re also here because of the businesses we have – bringing good food experiences to people. 

With so many to choose from, where is your go-to hairdresser in Bali and why?

For a hair salon, my go-to place is Jet Black Ginger. I’m Asian and love having light hair. No other salon can make those blonde dreams come true and do it with such style as this salon. The owner is also super cool and the entire team is so talented. You feel so at home and treated so well. 

What would you recommend to all our readers that are going to have their big wedding day – what you do for facials and beauty prep for the big day? I would recommend to a pampering day about two or 

three days before the big day. Do all you can from facial, nails, lashes, and skin. If you’re doing this way, in case you need any last minute retouches, you will have time to do it. Here are some of my favorite places around Bali: First up is Bronz Bali because they do the best facials and there’s no one that comes second to them. They also do an amazing job of keeping my skin flawless and healthy. If you’re looking to get a little bit of help with tanning, this place is the right one to do it. Bronz Bali also does an amazing job at waxing so you’ll get those eyebrows shaped in a subtle and classy way. Secondly, for nails and lashes, I would recommend you to try Colors in Canggu, Think Pink, or Jet Black Ginger. Remember, having the perfect nails during your wedding is important so you can show off that beautiful ring to your friends. For relaxation before the big day, Life Spa in Tamora Gallery and Body Temple in Finn’s Recreational Club do amazing massages. Perfect to get relaxed and pampered with their own blend of body scrub for super smooth skin. 

What under eye cream would you recommend for not only dark circles but puffiness and general brightening or anti-aging?

Oh my god, I have so many favorites! I am in love with The Ordinary and Prescriptives. For more luxury, I love any eye cream from Lancôme, Esteé Lauder, Dermalogica, La Mer, and La Prairie. But if you’re looking for daily use, there are some brands from Japan and Korea like Dr. Jart and SKII that I absolutely adore. Asian women have the most resilient skin and the secret is proper early regimens and hyper-efficient ingredients. I honestly think no matter what eye-cream you use, it must be matched with good habits. Restful and well-timed sleep, for example, a good healthy diet with lots of water works really amazingly and having a positive disposition really makes a difference. 

Would love your opinion on any great lightweight body moisturizers?

I actually use oil on my body because the weather in Bali gets my skin dry so quickly. It works deeper and faster in my skin. I actually love coconut oil because it lasts all day and so natural on the skin. For something more luxe I love oils from a gorgeous Nuxe – with the classic is so good and they have one with gold shimmer that’s perfect for a tropical setting. You can use it all over your body, even on your hair and face too. 

Any suggestions for pigmentations? 

The number one secret is SPF50. I believe in preventing than curing. Take care of your skin so you don’t get more moles or freckles. Dark spots are not a good sign so cover up with wide brim hats, caps and stay out of the sun as much as possible around lunch to 3 pm. It’s the most dangerous time. 

Any recommendations for a body moisturizer that isn’t too heavily scented? 

Some products use scents to seduce you. To mask the inefficiency of some products. I think the less fluff and more accurate product delivery it shows the confidence of a brand. Although there are a lot of natural based brands with great scents too. Or you can choose products for sensitive skin, they are the ones with light scents. 

Is there a local brand of cosmetic or skin care that you just found out and can’t live without?

I love Bali Balance for their Green Tea Face and Body Scrub, Vitamin C, and Face Serum. The other brand that I love is the body range products from Cove Essentials for the body oils and face sprays. 



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