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Opulent Journey of Indigenous Taste

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Serving opulent rendition of Indonesian indigenous flavors, Salon Bali Restaurant invites their guest to savor upon its splendor signature dishes paired with their very own ‘Balixologist’ unique cocktails.

Offering holistic compelling experience for their staying guest, Hotel Indigo Seminyak Bali goes extra miles in ensuring their excellence aspect. The hotel; which just recently gain recognition as a five-star hospitality property, surely live up to its reputation through one of its culinary facility, Salon Bali.

Occupying a quaint space right beside Makase Restaurant, Salon Bali is a cozy fine-dining establishment with rustic interior ambience. The dining venue sits directly in front of exclusive open kitchen, and the walls are decorated with frames of black and white pictures, artfully arranged to embrace its whole contemporary feels. Even the cutleries are custom-made, wrapped with leather ‘tool roll’, inspired by how the carvers store their equipment while working upon their masterpiece.

If the interior design has impressed you, wait until you actually try the menu. Salon Bali has an enticing set menu for guests who wish to enjoy the most out of their served dishes, called ‘Nenem Rasa’. As the name imply, it consist a six-course meals; two appetizers, 3 main courses and 1 dessert. (‘Nenem’ means six in ancient Balinese). Five from these tantalizing menus are paired with the restaurant’s signature ‘Balixologist’ cocktails, and another one with curated Chilean wine.

Before the dining begun, guests are greeted with a hand-washing ritual using fragrant flower water from a gorgeous brass kettle. This reflects back to the ancient Indonesian kingdom era, where eating mainly done using both hands, and washing them beforehand is considered a way of royalty.

For a trusty starter right after the ritual, Salon Bali’s Nenem Rasa starts off with a portion of Oyster, Seaweed and Scorched Chili ‘Abon’ (flake). This tender, sweet and a bit spicy opener is perfectly paired with the first ‘Balixologist’ cocktail, Cocoa nib with a blends of amora, vermouth and soda for a refreshing spritzy aftertaste. Then, the second one still highlighted best seafood produce of Indonesian archipelago; Cured Scallop with Jicama, Burnt Pineapple and Smoked ‘Ubi’ (Cassava). Try savoring them all together in one bite for a perfect Ocean-based goodness, and finish with a glass of their second refreshing cocktail; the brilliant Kemangi, gin, citrus and ‘gula timun’ or cucumber syrup. This ultimate combination of palate cleanser will prepare your taste bud for the main courses, which consists three different meats subtly representing sea, air and land respectively.

First main course is Pan-Roasted Market Fish; served along fermented cabbage and a cube of (squid) inked cassava. In our visit, they serve the unique Opakapaka (pink snapper) fish as their ‘catch-of-the-day’. The fish meat’s bold texture and mild taste goes impressively well with the ‘asam-pedas’ (sweet spicy) sauce, and the imaginative inked-cassava (crisp and sweet) will give creative food enthusiast something good to write home about. This beautiful dish is perfectly paired with Smoked Butterscotch made with fermented fresh strawberry to gain its creamy yoghurt-like flavor. Then moving to the second main course, Pan-Roasted Sumatran Duck Breast is next. Plump, juicy and tender slab of duck breast, served along noodle made from squid meat, is brilliantly paired with a glass of Fermented Pineapple; concocted with Tequila, Lemongrass Salt, and Sparkling Wine for a sweet tropical mix with tangible ‘grilled pineapple flavor.

The third main course comes in form of Char-Grilled Beef Tenderloin, cooked with ‘keluwek’ fruit usually used on Indonesian ‘Rawon’ soup, served with creamy nasi jagung (corn rice) and sweet-meets-sour leeks. For this scrumptious dish, instead of cocktail, quality wine is used as a trusty pairing; namely Chilean Vina Maipo Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017. Its mild sour and fruity natural taste goes really well with the meats overall juiciness and flavor, creating a fine blends of ultimate goodness to end the set menu with utmost satisfaction.

To leave lasting impressions, Salon Bali’s Nenem Rasa serves a trusty final touch in form of Mangosteen, Sago and White Chocolate dessert, paired with Kopi Bubuk Butter blends of Mole Bitters, Rice Malt and Aged Rum for a mild, bitter-sweet combination that will make this opulent indigenous journey a moment to remember.

Jl. Camplung Tanduk No.10, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
P: +62 361 209 9999



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