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One Exceptional Celebration Venue

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Many love to commemorate their one special day in a unique, extraordinary way though sometimes they just run out of an idea. Presents to fulfil this need, Waterbom Bali offers a remarkable way to hold your fantastic event.
When did you visit Waterbom Bali last time? Well, if the answer is quite long time it means that you really have to revisit this cool, exciting playground – especially for you who loves slides but don’t have much time to go. It’s not only about new slides they provide for your fun but another exhilarating bit. Okay, now imagine you are lazing around on a lush garden with your friends while a myriad of scrumptious food is served just around the corner. Not fun enough? How about the lush garden is inside Waterbom and you can enter any rides then come back to your friends, hanging out and feasting again on the bean bag? Yes, it is a lot more fun and it is not only an imagination!

Committing to throw you one happiest day, Waterbom always plans fantastic features to quench your thirst of fun. This time, collaborating with MnM, and innovative F&B company, waterbomb unveils two perfect venues for any small occasions (group of 15 to 80 people). First is the private gazebo area at the edge of the Lazy River. It is designated for a group of 30, suitable for small intimate party such as engagement or birthday party. At this spot you can unwind on the plush bed of the gazebo, waiting for your food to be catered whilst looking down to the Lazy River arena or you can hang around the tropical bar, chatting with your guests.


The other spot is the lawn at Temple Garden rea. It is a much bigger space where you can lounge on bean bags or picnic mats on the grass. A full service catering, on the other hand, is right in front you with a maximum of three food stations containing signature delicacies and (of course) a full service bar handing you an array of your favorite cocktails. Just imagine the possibilities for having the best time of your life in Bali’s biggest waterpark.

Waterbom Bali
Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban, Kuta
T: +62 361 755 676


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