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Of All the Restaurants in All the Towns in All the World: Locavore Launches New Menu

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One of Ubud and Indonesia’s most notable restaurants, Locavore, announced late last year that they are launching a new menu. From the looks of it, it’s going to be another box office success.

With the dramas of recent times, Locavore introduces a more enjoyable narrative of their own. Inspired by classic cinema and the striking genre of film noir, the restaurant’s team has creatively wrapped their new tasting menu within a mixture of inspirations and references from classic cinema. They named this season’s presentation “The Fourth Wall.”

Locavore’s edits of the cinema greats celebrate the iconic and stylish genre from the 1940s, mixed within a collage of memorable scenes from films. As the chefs and kitchen teams intricately plate the dishes, each cinematic scene features creative uses of local ingredients. Being Bali’s wet season, the team has introduced more animal protein, root vegetables, sauces and fermentations – including durian, which happens to be in season as well.

The movie opens with two starters. First is grilled bok choy stem, charred bok choy puree, burnt coconut peanut sauce, pickled young ginger. Then followed by koji fried chicken wing, herbed prawn stuffing, opor shio koji cream, mushroom vinegar powder.

Moving on to the main plots, there is lamb three ways, written and crafted in only Eelke and Ray could. One is barbecued leg, glazed with coffee grounds kombucha. Two is shoulder, slow-cooked in palm husk. Third and last, is lamb “porchetta” meatball skewer with soy sauce by LocaLAB and kampung egg yolk. Emphasizing on how rare traditional lamb dishes are, the team cast lambs from Tengaran as their main lead.

Come to the third act, they serve a rosella sorbet, with Bali chocolate tart, white chocolate chantilly, fresh rosella kombucha jam. Although, there’s a hint that there will be an after-credit scene: a ‘secret’ surprise dessert at the end of the meal, served differently whether it is a hot day or a rainy day.

Obviously, when it comes to Locavore full presentation, there’s always cameo appearances by the cameos. Nine to be exact. Lots of interesting ingredients such as bittermelon, young chayote, and even a bouquet of wild herbs. But probably, the real highlight of the snack is the root vegetable charcuterie: cooked, smoked, marinated, and dried vegetables. Restaurants have long been center stage in iconic scenes throughout cinema’s history. It’s without a doubt that both the theatre of a dining event and classic cinema through the decades have influenced each other. Locavore is proving that through their artful homage to one of film’s most important genres. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the close-up.

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