Veuve de Vernay: The Taste of Elegance

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A refreshing new player is now available in Indonesia.

A new concept of Iced Wine from Veuve de Vernay has finally launched in Indonesia with an exclusive party that was held last month at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. For this party, Veuve the Vernay introduced 2 type of different wines to the event, the first one is Veuve de Vernay Rosé, which has a fresh fruity taste when mixed with ice it is the perfect refreshing drink, the other wine is the white Veuve de Vernay, which has a dry and fruity taste.

“Thanks to Veuve du Vernay the summer never ends!” says Rey Morgane, the Sales Manager of Veuve du Vernay in Asia. Over 150 guests were invited at the Sheraton Bali Kuta, and with its prime location overlooking the Kuta beach, Sheraton is the perfect place for the launch of Veuve de Vernay. At this event, guests were treated to an amazing performance by a group of dancers and burlesque show. Attending guests were also seen enjoying their time by sipping to the new refreshing drink while mingling with other attendees. Although the atmosphere is fancy, but the free flow of drinks keeps it casual enough for anyone. It proved that Veuve de Vernay is the perfect beverage for creating elegance in a casual setting.

The distributor of this wine is Pantja Artha Niaga, which is the biggest importer and distributor of alcoholic beverages within Bali. With their outstanding reputation, Pantja Artha Niaga is delighted about their new cooperation with Veuve de Vernay to extend their inventory of wines.

With a perfect setting and perfect beverage, this party for Veuve de Vernay was a huge success. Veuve de Vernay is ready to conquer the market in Bali and Indonesia with their new and refreshing concept of ‘Iced wine’.

8 November 2018
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