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Venture through the best spots in Canggu with Good Indonesian Food Tour, the first gastronomic trip designer in Indonesia.

On Wednesday, 12 December 2018, Good Food Indonesian Tour invited several Media friends and Food Bloggers on a ‘GastroTrip at Nomadic Destination’. As the first gastronomic trip designer in Indonesia, Good Indonesian Food Tour has a vision to showcase Indonesia’s culinary heritage to the world. Good Indonesian Food Tour has recently announced the launching of their Year-End GastroTrip with 14 variable activities officially available. They aim to take well-culture food aficionados and travelers to an immersive culinary excursion to spend the last moments of 2018 on a fresh path to the three most culturally iconic cities in Indonesia; Bali, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta.

Today, millennial travelers are craving for more authentic and engaging travel experiences when exploring new destinations. They want to immerse themselves in the authentic local lifestyle, customs and culture of these places they travel to, to have a connection with the people and discover the core of the culture of a destination. Food is a large aspect of travelling as it is a way for travelers to learn the history and culture of the destination they travel to.

 The GastroTrip that was offered during the trip was the ‘Canggu Instafood Hunting with Skutis’ program which presented the invitees with an immersive journey to explore the sights, sounds and rich flavors of Indonesia through three of Canggu’s most popular nomadic dining spots whilst riding electric scooters. The guests got the chance to savor local cuisines presented with an international twist on a 3-hour tour. The first stop during the trip was Parachute, a hip new restaurant that is famous for its homemade fresh breads and pastries along with delectable spreads and selections of coffee. Next stop of the tour was Warung Gouthe, which serves authentic comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests had the chance to try their famous grilled chicken, fish and beef skewers, served with French fries and sautéed garlic green beans. The third stop of the tour was to the vegan joint the Shady Shack. The Shady Shack offers a wide range of delicious healthy food where guests had the pleasure of trying their best-selling Tempe Burger.

 “Some of the primary characters of nomadic tourism are creativity and impermanence. Canggu is a perfect example of nomadic destination where there are many creative eateries and shops as well as stunning co-working spaces available for millennial travelers. Canggu itself has been recognized as one of the best nomadic destination in the world”, said Vita Datau, Head of Acceleration Team for the Development of Culinary and Shopping Tourism.

Perfect for all ages, The Year End GastroTrip also corelates with the Ministry of Tourism’s campaign to promote nomadic tourism to enhance millennials’ travelling experience. Started since 20 December 2018, The Year End GastroTrip will continue until 1 January 2019. The tour is available in three of Indonesia’s most popular gastronomic destination; Bali, Jogjakarta and Jakarta. The tour offers 14 different packages with prices starting from IDR 150,000 per person and can be purchased through their website at


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28 December 2018
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