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John Hardy 2018 Holiday Gift Guide
16 November 2018

As the fall fades away and we enter the coming holiday season, celebrated jewelry brand John Hardy brings you a collection perfect for the season of celebration, gathering and giving. Since its establishment in 1975, John Hardy has been inspired by Bali’s rich heritage and long-established jewelry-making traditions to create unique and timeless pieces. This holiday season, John Hardy has meticulously developed the perfect holiday gift guide to celebrate the bonds you share with a stunning selection of jewelry that evokes power, drama and inspiration. They have carefully crafted a gift guide that matches their aesthetic to the personality and character of the wearer, because they believe that jewelry is an extension of the person wearing it.

John Hardy’s holiday gift guide comprises of 5 different types of characteristics namely; Generosity (Gold), Exploration (Color), Strength (Mixed Metal), Effortlessness (Classics) and Individuality (Statement).

Generosity (Gold)

For those with an inherent, giving spirit, someone who is your go-to person that will always be there for you 24/7. Gift them with gilded jewelry such as chain bracelets to create a bold stack, rings & earrings with graphic motives to create depth with contrast, and dramatic designs that combine gold with diamonds.

Exploration (Color)

For those who are brave-hearts, fearless and explorers who welcome new adventures with open arms. Gift them with jewelry with vividly colored elemental stones and beads that can be worn in a diverse style, their own unique styling will evoke their own soulful energy.

Strength (Mixed Metal)

For your support system, those you trust the most in your inner circle, your source of strength and your mirror that continues to support your growth and evolution into a better version of yourself. Gift them with two-toned jewelries, a versatile symbol that complements each other in perfect harmony, whether it is multiple chain bracelets in varying hues for an energetic combination or stacked gold & silver rings.

Effortlessness (Classics)

For those who have elegant and effortless style, sharing everyday experiences that develops a simple yet lasting bond. Gift them with John Hardy’s best-selling collections such as jewelries with sleek silhouettes with exquisite features like sapphires, diamonds and pearls, or their signature collections that conjures soulful, fluid movement.

Individuality (Statement)

For those who are progressive with self-expression and look forward to exploring new frontiers not just by themselves but to experience it with others as well. Gift them statement pieces that expresses their powerful aura. Gift them with jewelry with texture, contrasts and eccentric materials such as matte-black silver, leather or smouldering black sapphires.


John Hardy Ubud Workshop & Kapal Boutique

Jl. Raya Mambal, Br. Baturing No. 1

Desa Mambal, Abiansemla

Badung, Bali 80353

(62 361) 469 888


Written by Remco Molenaar

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Veuve de Vernay: The Taste of Elegance
8 November 2018

A refreshing new player is now available in Indonesia.

A new concept of Iced Wine from Veuve de Vernay has finally launched in Indonesia with an exclusive party that was held last month at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. For this party, Veuve the Vernay introduced 2 type of different wines to the event, the first one is Veuve de Vernay Rosé, which has a fresh fruity taste when mixed with ice it is the perfect refreshing drink, the other wine is the white Veuve de Vernay, which has a dry and fruity taste.

“Thanks to Veuve du Vernay the summer never ends!” says Rey Morgane, the Sales Manager of Veuve du Vernay in Asia. Over 150 guests were invited at the Sheraton Bali Kuta, and with its prime location overlooking the Kuta beach, Sheraton is the perfect place for the launch of Veuve de Vernay. At this event, guests were treated to an amazing performance by a group of dancers and burlesque show. Attending guests were also seen enjoying their time by sipping to the new refreshing drink while mingling with other attendees. Although the atmosphere is fancy, but the free flow of drinks keeps it casual enough for anyone. It proved that Veuve de Vernay is the perfect beverage for creating elegance in a casual setting.

The distributor of this wine is Pantja Artha Niaga, which is the biggest importer and distributor of alcoholic beverages within Bali. With their outstanding reputation, Pantja Artha Niaga is delighted about their new cooperation with Veuve de Vernay to extend their inventory of wines.

With a perfect setting and perfect beverage, this party for Veuve de Vernay was a huge success. Veuve de Vernay is ready to conquer the market in Bali and Indonesia with their new and refreshing concept of ‘Iced wine’.

By: Brian Sjarief
FoodieS Magazine and AQUA Reflections Announces Bali's Best Eats Award and Guide 2018!
12 October 2018

After the massive success of Jakarta's Best Eats Award and Guide 2018, the first objective restaurant award in Indonesia is coming to the Island of the Gods!

On Wednesday, 19 September 2018, FoodieS Magazine alongside AQUA Reflections is proud to announce Bali's Best Eats Award and Guide 2018. After successfully launching Jakarta's Best Eats in December 2017 with a purpose of recognizing excellent dining establishments in the middle of Jakarta's ever-growing culinary world, Jakarta's Best Eats Award and Guide 2018 gala dinner was held on 22 February 2018. Almost 300 restaurants participated in the competition where a selection of appointed experts and judges in the culinary industry went through a detailed identification and deliberation process where they then announced the Top 40 restaurants in Jakarta at the gala dinner night. Special awards were honored such as Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year and Bar of the Year.

Witnessing the growth of excellent dining establishments in Bali, FoodieS Magazine and AQUA Reflections is expanding the Best Eats concept in search of the best dining venues at the world-famous island. In an island filled with locals and international visitors, Bali's Best Eats Awards and Guide hopes to inform locals and non-locals not only of the best dining spots in Bali, but to shine a light on the creative talents behind Bali's culinary industry.

“We wanted to create an award system not only as a guide for diners to choose the best dining venues in Bali but also to show visitors to Bali all the great work that chefs on the island have been doing and what truly sets one restaurant apart from another. Bali’s Best Eats Award will encourage culinary creativity and excellence, drive the local scene to even greater heights and help ensure that every night is fully booked at the restaurants," said Jed Doble, Publisher of FoodieS Magazine.

To carefully select the top restaurant in Bali, they have put together a panel of diverse experts with different backgrounds and specialties from the industry. These judges are: Yuda Bustara (Celebrity Chef), Janet de Neefe (Founder of Ubud Food Festival), Sandra Djohan (Chef & Hotelier), Jed Doble (Publisher of FoodieS Magazine), Guillaume Epinette (Sommelier & Hotelier), Pierre Lang (Gourmand and member Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Baillage Bali), Rinrin Marinka (Celebrity Chef), Corine Tap (President Director PT. Tirta Investama (Danone AQUA) and Simon Ward (Founder of Bali Food Safari).

Participating restaurants will be divided into three categories: Fine Dining, Upscale Dining and Casual Dining. These restaurants will then be judged based on these criteria: 50% Cuisine (based on taste, creativity, and execution), 20% Quality of service, 20% Drinks menu or wine list and 10% Interior design or character. Each judge may only vote for a restaurant they've visited in the last 12 months and must have made these visits without revealing themselves as part of the judging panel. During the Gala Awards Night in November 2018, the Top 40 Restaurants will be announced.

For further information and to register the restaurants, please visit,

By: Brian Sjarief

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