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Need to get outside? These 7 Amazing Bali Travels Vlogs Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take From the Comfort of Home

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Since the self quarantine happened, all we do is to browse amazing travel videos. And  we found you 7 awesome Travel Vlogs about Bali on our favorite platform, YouTube for us to enjoy living vicariously through their videos. For now. As soon as this season is over, you may already know which part of Bali you’d want to explore.

Let’s start with video number 1 and 2, coming from YouTuber called High on Life. Their epic journey in Bali and the Villa that they stayed will make you miss our beautiful beaches!

Video number 3, Olivia Lazuary’s Relaxing Days in Bali

Check out Joel Thorpe’s Luxury Clifftop Villa Video. We love how he story tells, and his voice too.

Next: Kara and Nate. This cute couple traveling Ubud is the sweetest  thing!

Video Number 6: Brett Conti’s Trip to Bali and Nusa Penida is to die for.

Last but not list, sitting on #7 a video from Ho Let’s Go!: Breakfast in Bali. Especially if you are in Canggu area, you’ll love this.

We hope this videos will put a smile on your face, and definitely inspires you to travel Bali again really soon.
Much love,
Hello Bali Team.


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