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Meet Anita!

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A talented Yogyakarta-born lady, who discovered her passion for the stove in her early days. With constant training and a stubborn love for food, Anita has now achieved her goal: to own a warung.  Anita’s Warung is expanding its business with a new grab-and-go kiosk last Sunday, 19th of July, 2020. Located in the heart of Babakan Canggu, the kiosk serves Indo-Italian street food for people who are looking for quick, typically Italian sweets with cappuccino for breakfast or light solutions during their lunch break.

The introduction of the kiosk provides easy alternatives for people in the area to pick up delicious quick bites while they are on the go. The kiosk is open seven days a week from 9am – 5pm and offers a variety of takeaway options. Ranging from the irresistibly Italian doughnut Bomboloni stuffed with sweet fillings, the crunchy wheel-shaped Bacio Pantesco to homemade variants of Focacce and Pizze, Anita and her team are ready to deliver freshness and authenticity to the menu. Not to forget the in house made bread, pan brioche, jam, sausages (available for delivery) and the selection of coffee juices and even a cold beer.

Anita, the chef and the lady owner said “I added the kiosk to Anita’s Warung, to better suit my customer’s needs. To have something comfy and regular, not far from home, on the other side of “busy Canggu”. It is because I believe people love the convenience of quick and simple food, without compromising the quality and taste”.

Inside the Warung, comfortable seating encourages visitors to linger. After moving to the new location and doing one month of renovation, Anita promises to continue serving authentic Indo-Italian slow food. These delicious recipes include Spaghetti Con Le Polpette with the best meatballs, Sapi Rendang, Mie Celeng, Mie Ayam and many more. Prepared in an open style kitchen, the noodles are all in-house made, using the best flour on the market or from original Italian Semolina. Stuffing of Lasagne and Ravioli are fresh and sourced from zero kilometer. To wrap the whole experience In one sentence, it is  “simplicity meets perfection”.

Anita’s Warung  
Jl. Pura Wates 48, Babakan, Canggu – Bali.
Phone/Whatsapp +6281558982172


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